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Welcome to Studiopsis

Your Complete Guide On Photo/Video Equipment, Digital Video Recording, Editing & Production. Now You Too Can Make Digital Video for Various Purposes Including Web Marketing & Promotion!

Whether you are an enthusiast or a serious video producer, having a suitable recording gear is important so that you can enjoy or exploit it to the fullest. However, deciding on the right video equipment gear to purchase can take time, and can also be confusing.

There’s such a huge range of digital video equipment out there – from digital camcorders and Firewire cards to video editing programs and DVD authoring packages.

With countless brands and options available, it can be difficult to figure out what equipment is right for you.

This is where comes in. Whether you are looking for a video camera, editing software, editing card, or other video accessories, we have all the information you need to make an informed decision. All in one place!

Beginners Guide to the Video Production process:

  1. Creating / Planning Your Video
  2. Buying the Right Video Equipment
  3. Buying Your First Camcorder
  4. Shooting Your Video
  5. Lighting for Video
  6. How to Capture Video into Computer
  7. Editing Your Video
  8. Sharing Your Video

You need basic equipment such as a camcorder, video capture device, powerful computer, video editing program (with DVD authoring package). You can learn all about these equipment here on this site

General Articles

Here’s a list of all the articles found in this website:

Simple Studio Setup
How to setup a simple video studio at home.

Video Production Business
How to start your own Video Production Business.

Role of a Producer
Understand the Role of Video / Movie Producer.

Useful Video Resources
Useful Links & Video Resources for supplementing your video knowledge. Newsletter
Studiopsis publishes weekly Video E-zine with valuable video production tips. Subscription is FREE! Site Map
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Product Reviews

Video Studio < $200
How to get started with Video production for around 200 bucks.

Kids Video Cameras
Video cameras for kids, to enhance their creativity.

Buying a Camcorder
Excellent options that you may consider, when looking for your First Digital Camcorder.

Professional Gear

Reviews of the best professional camcorders.

More Video Cameras
Checkout more Video Camera options here.

Best Video Capture Cards
List of the best video capture cards available in the market.

Video Accessories
Essential video accessories for your video related requirements.

Video Editing for Beginners
Video Editing for Beginners, and the best options available for them.

Best Video Editing Programs
Reviews of the Best Video Editing Programs.

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Anyone Can Do It

Everybody loves watching videos!… especially those that capture special events & occasions involving people & things that are close to our heart.

How about being able to capture such events yourself and make a great video out of it?

Do you think that you don’t understand digital video technology well enough and making videos is left best to professional videographers?

Not really. Just give it a try and you will realize that!

I am sure you will be amazed to see how easy and affordable it is to do a home video production setup. Making home video is getting easier by the day!

It is very easy to capture videos nowadays! Besides digital camcorders, your digital camera and even mobile will let you capture videos!

What Do You Need to Know?

Though it is easy to capture videos nowadays, ever wondered how to get that captured video onto a DVD… or on the Internet?

How about video editing the captured video and giving it a polished look before you put it onto the DVD or the net?

What about the various VHS tapes you might already be having? Can you convert them into digital video and put them on a DVD for easy storage?

This is where it starts getting a bit technical since you have to take the captured video onto a computer and then edit it using video editing software.

To setup a decent computer video production system, you will need to learn about:

  • Selecting/Buying video equipments – To setup your digital video production system
  • computer video production, digital video

  • Capturing your video on computer – To capture digital or analog video
  • The right computer configuration – To know if your computer is powerful enough to do video capture and video editing
  • Select Video editing software – To edit and polish your video
  • Sharing your digital video – To write your digital video on DVD / VCD or other media
  • What Else Can You Find Here?

    We will provide you all the information about all the tools that you need to make a top quality video from scratch.

  • Video Equipment
  • Your guide to all the video and camera equipment, and accessories that you will need! Also keep yourself updated on the latest trends in movie technology such as motion loops, green screen backgrounds, Chroma keying.

  • Software Reviews
  • Get unbiased reviews on the most popular photo and video editing software available on the market.

  • Comparisons
  • Find comparison and pros & cons of various popular brands for equipment and software, across several parameters such as usability, performance, aesthetics, etc.

  • Tutorials
  • Learning never stops, and there is always a better way of doing things. If you have always wondered how certain things, which you may have seen on television or in a movie, were shot, then this is the section to visit. You will find professional tutorials and how-to guide on various topics such as Custom Transitions, Titles, DVD Menus, Cloning, Motion backgrounds, Chroma keying, etc.

  • Tips & Tricks
  • Find useful tips and tricks on several photography and video related topics, which will raise your current skills a notch higher.

  • Free Resources
  • There are plenty of free resources available on the internet, which can help you learn the ropes, without investing a penny from your pocket. Find a collection of the best free video editing software, free trial versions, and other useful freeware.

  • And much more!
  • This site provides you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision about the various products needed to setup a desktop video production.

    The various steps and concepts involved in desktop video production are easy to understand. Why should making a simple home video be so difficult? Besides, with technology becoming cheaper, it is affordable to do it right at home.

    This is what this site aims to do! To make you understand the various technical jargons in an easy to understand manner. This is the right place to know everything about desktop video production.