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Earlier, many people were a little hesitant about buying a 3D TV, and for a very good reason. Most TV shows and films were not made for the purposes of 3D viewing, so once you’ve watched the promotional DVD that came with the television itself, there are limits to its use. However, this is set to change. Movies are already being made in 3D, lot of TV companies are launching dedicated 3D channels, and even sports is now being broadcast using 3D technology.

3-D Back in Vogue

These days there are so many movies being made in 3D. 3D technology makes movies look real with the feeling of you being able to touch things or see things up close. Imagine having the same experience in your living room with your T.V.

3D television sets are now slowly picking up pace. Although, movie viewing has not caught up yet, but you can play 3D games on consoles like the PlayStation 3.

Some movies are being aired for 3D viewing on television and there are some Blu-ray players even that are specifically made to play 3D movies, to give viewers the 3D experience at the comfort of their homes. James Cameron came out the movie ‘Avataar’ which was meant for 3D. Even though it is not the same as watching in theaters, but you can still enjoy a good blockbuster with the 3D effects.

Factors to Consider for Buying 3D TV

Buying a 3D TV requires some research and check of some critical features. Here are some key features to look out for before buying a 3D TV:

  • The visual display of a 3D TV is very important to consider. So, check out the tech behind the glass because that is what determines the visual display. Better the visual display, better the 3D picture will look.
  • 3D TV can be categorized in two categories – active or passive 3D. If you go by the expert’s version, they will recommend active 3D as the better-looking option. The technology in active SD is much more involved too. They require glasses that are powered by battery to view the 3D TV. These glasses are in sync with your TV set. Active 3D is more expensive and the glasses are also bulky. Probably the reason why they are less popular in comparison to passive 3D.

    Passive 3D on the other hand is less expensive but uses polarized glasses that hide opposite and alternating lines of pixels from each eye. The quality of picture too is not up to the mark when it comes to passive 3D.

    You will find most 3D LED TVs claiming to full high definition, but the quality of HD may differ in different models and brands. Most high-definition pictures will look just fine when viewed separately, but place them side-by-side and you start to notice small differences. If color and black levels are not up to par, the picture will look a little worse. Insist on a better picture quality if you want to enjoy your 3D TV.

  • Features are what makes one model different from the other. While some LED TV’s offer built-in Wi-Fi with smart TV functions, you have Smart TVs offering internet connection on your TV set and popular apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pandora and Amazon Instant Video. In other words, you TV doubles up as a computer and entertainment box at the same time.

    When it comes to 3D TV, look out for 3D glasses. Two or more would be great so that you can enjoy the experience with your friends and family as well. You also have some TVs that offer to convert 2D shows into 3D. However, the brands offer unique features like controlled 3D depth, multi-player single-screen gaming, video streaming apps and adequate connections for peripheral devices etc.

  • You need a 3D TV that can be connected to multiple equipment such as your home theater, video game player, Blu-ray etc. You also need a good number of HDMI ports for your devices along with some extra USB ports for extra devices.
  • Customer service is the key to any product. You need efficient customer service assistance who can solve your problems and queries quickly and successfully. Most big brands offer day and night helpline numbers and services for assistance. Also look out for warranty and guarantee period offered by the manufacturer.
    3D TVs are the next best thing to theatre experience. If you love to watch movies or play games, you can enjoy all this with special 3D effects at the comfort of your home. Hopefully, this review will help you choose a good 3D TV to suit your needs.

Recommended 3D Televisions

Our recommended 3D TV brands that we felt are the best are:

Samsung H7150 Smart LED TV

The Samsung H7150 Smart LED TV brings your favorite shows and movies come to life. And it being a smart television, you can easily switch from watching your favorite TV show to browsing the web with Dual Screen. Dimensions 48.2” x 27.8” x 1.3” (W x H x D – TV without stand), Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Component, 2 Composite.

Sharp Aquos Q+ 3D Smart LED TV

The Sharp Aquos Q+ 3D Smart LED TV, can play 4K content via HDMI input, has Smart Functionality, Dimensions – TV without stand: 54.3” x 32.3″ x 3.1” (W x H x D), Inputs: 4 HDMI, 2 USB, PC input, RS-232C, MHL

LG 8500 3D Smart TV

The Sharp Aquos Q+ 3D Smart LED TV, features Smart Functionality, comes with all the standard inputs, dimensions – 48.5” x 28.6″ x 2.1” (W x H x D, TV without stand).

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