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Reviews of the best action cameras; use it on drones, or to capture action while diving & doing extreme sports. You don’t need a bulky camera nowadays in order to capture life’s best moments. Several camera manufacturers are coming out with ever-smaller cameras that make taking photos and videos so much easier than ever before.

When you’re taking about cameras, one category of cameras that is showing a robust demand is the ‘action camera’. Capturing moments has become part of the modern world, and most of the videos that you see on Youtube and other video portals have actually been shot using action cameras.

What Exactly is an Action Camera?

To put it simply, an action camera is a consumer camera that can be attached anywhere…almost. That is why cyclists, divers, swimmers, and many more who’re actively involved in fast action sports prefer to use these cameras.

These comes with all the attachments that make it easy to mount them on various surfaces. Action cameras are used for shooting extreme sports, underwater and even for aerial photography!

Quality of Photo / Video

Action cameras can take photos as well as capture videos. In fact, most models now can capture HD quality videos, and the top ones can even take 4k videos. These cameras are sturdily built and are waterproof!

Buying the Best Action Camera

Most users looking for a good action camera, opt for the very expensive models only to eventually put it away in some corner to gather dust, without using it. So be clear about how you’re going to use it.

  • Be sure about how much you want to spend.
  • Make sure it has all the features and accessories you need.
  • Check if the required mounting options are available, be it for drones or for other extreme sports
  • Most of these are waterproof, but make sure the one you select is waterproof
  • Make sure the video quality is good, watch demo videos and you’ll get a feel of the quality.

Best Overall Action Camera

PROS: Best 4K video quality, Lots of accessories and mounting options including those for drones, High build quality and durable, Built-in touch LCD screen
CONS: Okay battery life, Bit pricey

The GoPro Hero is the best action camera for overall use. GoPro offers the best mounting capabilities, which most other action cameras lack. It features 2.7k video quality at 30fps, several mounting accessories, is waterproof and it even comes with a built-in touch LCD screen!

Best for Drone

GoPro, because of its weight and dimensions, is currently the preferred action camera for Drones. However, any other camera with similar dimensions could also be used.

Beginners looking for more more affordable options may also opt for the Xiaomi Yi, another popular action camera for aerial photography.

Best Entry Level Action Camera

SJCAM Original SJ4000 WiFi Version

The SJCAM SJ4000 is a great action camera to start off with. In fact if you already own a high end camera, SJCAM SJ4000 can be even used as a good back up camera to cover a different angle. SJCAM SJ4000 is small, looks like GoPro and recommended by many experts. The SJCAM SJ4000 has other features such as a small LCD screen on the back for reviewing videos, video recording at 1080/30 frames per second (fps), lot of useful mounts and waterproof housing. It works on simple interchangeable batteries and you can purchase extra batteries from the manufacturer.

This model of camera is excellent in terms of battery life and video quality. It also has a version with Wi-Fi and for all these features, it does not cost much either (around $80). In all, it is a camera with great quality and reasonable cost. For obvious reasons, this model is very popular, so much so that there are cheap imitations with identical packaging available. Overall, the SJCAM SJ4000 is a good action camera to own, packed with interesting accessories at a good price.

Polaroid Cube Mini Lifestyle Action Camera
Cube by Polaroid (a company known for all-things-imagery) measures just 35mm (1.4 inches) square and weighs in at 45 grams (1.6 ounces). So how does it compare with the Go-Pro? Well, no match, because this one is much cheaper and meant for the casual user. If you’re looking for high production value, look at other options.

  • Its weather proof and splash-proof – feel free to use it in the rain, or in the beach or in waterfall.
  • Easy to operate – comes with one button, which you use to start on, take videos and to take photos
  • Built-in magnet – Attach it to any metal surface (surface of car, helmet, etc.)

Polaroid’s Cube camera features a 6-megapixel sensor with a 124-degree wide-angle lens, and can shoot 720p/1080p video at 30fps. The Cube’s image quality is average at best, and that too under well-lit shooting conditions. In broad day light, it takes decent pictures and video; they’re relatively sharp. However, pictures and video shot at night came out extremely noisy and unusable in most situations.

Simply put, the Polaroid Cube is good, not great, during the day, and disappointing at night. But then that’s how most entry-level cameras are.

What’s more, since there’s no built-in display or a companion app, you’re stuck with the default settings. As in, what you see is what you get — the only physical button on the camera is used as the shutter and to power the device on and off. Your files, meanwhile, are saved to a microSD card (you can also transfer them via via micro-USB).

Fuji Instax Mini
As the name suggests, its a camera that gives instant print. So if you get the opportunity to be in the presence of a celebrity, just take a picture with the celeb, print it out and take the autograph of the celebrity.

How cool is that!

And how easy is it to operate?

You just need to put in a cartridge and start shooting. The camera automatically prints a sheet on which your photo will appear (in around a minute).

Watch: How to use the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Best for Diving – GOPRO HERO4

PROS: Best 4K video quality, Lots of accessories and mounting options, High build quality and durable
CONS: Okay battery life, High price

GoPro’s underwater housing and great photo/video quality makes it The images look sharper underwater on the Black one, compared to the Silver edition. Also the LCD screen isn’t that much of a use underwater. So the GoPro Hero is the best action camera for diving.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an outdoor person, an action camera is definitely going to be a great gadget to have. It will let you capture some amazing videos that you can share with your friends. Fortunately for you, there are only a handful of top-quality action cameras that are available, which makes buying easier. If you have any videos that you’d like to share with us, then feel free to use the contact us page and we will gladly feature you! You may check our site for more interesting accessories and discounts on action cameras. Some of these look eye-catching, and useful for those who don’t have a smartphone or any other type of compact camera, and even for kids looking for a toy camera.

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