Best Affiliate Programs

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Best Affiliate Programs

Reviews of the Best Affiliate Programs that offer excellent products, pay good commissions and provide reliable online reporting.

Some of these provide you with all the tools required to build a profitable business, whereas some other are designed to make you money doing online jobs.

Top Rated Income Opportunities

Killer Interview Secrets to Get Any Job

Make a Living by Teaching

Build Niche Websites for Cash

Make Money Doing Social Media

Make Money Creating Fun Videos

Make Money Doing Writing Jobs

Make Money Taking Surveys

Make Money Doing Forex Trading

  • Do you own a website that is aimed at website owners; maybe just a section within your website that is targeted at them?
  • Are you looking for products that can help those who want to build an online business or want to make money online, and in the process also make you some money?
  • Here are some excellent affiliate products that should sell well for you, too.

    Why Are They Good?

    Here are some top reasons why these affiliate programs are among the better ones:

  • Offer excellent products
  • Pay very good commissions
  • Provide reliable online reporting
  • Excellent support
  • In existence for several years
  • #1 Affiliate Program: Site-Build-It (SBI)

    Site Build It

    Why Site-Build-It? Here are some top reasons:

    They offer Outstanding value for money, offer Lifetime commissions, Two-tier commission structure, a fair contract, have a comprehensive user-manual for affiliates.

    One of the top reasons that this product works so well, is because it encourages you to build a website for readers and not search engines. If you look at some of their case studies, you’ll find that most websites that are built on this platform have hundred of pages of solid content.

    Checkout this video where Ken Evoy (Founder) explains how SBI changes lives.

    So, even though it may look like a slow path towards making money, you build something that has a higher chance of succeeding and something that’ll make money in the long run as well.

    As per their statistics, almost 60% of SBIers end up among the Top 3% of websites for that particular niche. In this case, Slow & Steady definitely seems to do the trick.

    Bottom-line is that they have a site that SELLS! Read more…

    #2: Niche Profit Classroom (NPC)

    Niche Profit Classroom

    Why NPC?

    Here are some top reasons:

    The main USP is that you can create profitable websites FAST (appeals to many).
    Access to HUNDREDS of videos to help you learn the ropes.
    Weekly webinars where all your questions are answered.
    You get full access just for one dollar (Trial offer).
    A superb sales pitch that converts well

    Unlike SBI, this model focuses more on creating websites quickly, and also encourages you to build multiple websites.

    That is why you also get two ready-made niche website packages (every month) with the research done for you. That is why their users have multiple websites, which are built in minutes.

    Adam Short (the Founder) owns more than 300 profitable niche websites using this product; watch over his shoulder as he builds a website, attracts traffic, and makes sales, all in a matter of WEEKS, and not months, Read more…


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