Best Camera Bags & Cases

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best camera bagsBags & Cases for cameras, camcorders, filters, lenses, tripods & other accessories. Protect your gear from Shocks, Knocks, Scratches and the weather! Besides the protection it offers to your camera equipment, these are easy to carry around and holds all your stuff at one place. I would recommend you to buy one! Here’s a guide to selecting the best camera bags, and the factors that you need to consider when buying one.

Cameras have evolved a lot over the years, and when it comes to digital cameras, rapid changes have in technology have ensured that you get cameras in a variety of sizes and configurations. Camera bags allows you to keep your video camera and accessories safe in one convenient package. A bag also protects your camera / camcorder from Shocks, Knocks and Scratches. The better ones not only offer adequate storage space, they also offer fast access to the camera/gear to make sure you don’t miss out on any moment.

Besides camera bags, you also get cases for accessories such as lenses, filter and tripods as well.



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World is Going Digital

The world is going digital! In fact it would be right to say that it has already gone digital. So all those film cameras are now considered outdated. And when digital technology is involved, there are several ways digital equipment can be integrated with other digital devices.

That is the reason the digital camera is one of the most important tools that a professional photographer has. You can have flash memory or hard disk attached to digital cameras to store a lot more pictures. You can even integrate it easily with a computer or a laptop. It also means that even though a digital camera is far more superior to a film camera, you do end up carrying a lot more accessories.

There was an article recently in the news which said that most elderly people in many countries, post their retirement, are taking to photography in a big way. They find it most satisfying, and the best use of their spare time. I am sure many of us would agree to that, considering that photography is one of the most popular hobbies anyways.

Camera Bags for Better Protection

There is no doubt about the fact that that a professional digital camera can be very expensive. Therefore, you should take utmost care of it. As a professional photographer, you will definitely need a professional camera, not just to take care of your camera, but also to easily carry your camera, lenses and a host of other camera accessories.

Camera bags and cases have similarly evolved to keep pace with these changes. So you have bags that are available for not just small and compact cameras, you also get backpacks that can carry multiple bodies, lenses, lots of accessories and even your laptop. Professional camera bags are not only designed to carry lot of stuff, they also have excellent foam padding to protect your expensive camera equipment.

And because lot of photographers do outdoor shoots, it is important for the camera bag to be weather resistant and sturdy enough to handle accidental drops. A professional camera bag also needs to be water resistant so that the equipment inside the bag are not affected in case it rains or snows when you are shooting outdoors.

Most women have also taken to serious photography in a big way. So now you just do not have just the dull looking camera bags. You do get a nice selection of colors, for those who are looking for some variety.

If you are an avid photographer, then you would probably need one of the following:

Camera bag for your compact / point-and-shoot camera
DSLR Camera bag or one that has space for a laptop as well.
Cute, stylish and colorful bags for women
Leather Bags
Underwater cases

For Professional Gear

Professional digital cameras can be very expensive, and photographers use them to shoot at varied locations. That is the reason, you have camera bags that are designed to be rough, water resistant and offer protection in varied conditions.

These are usually quite big and have enough storage space for your professional camera gear, and most also have a slot for a laptop.

These professional camera bags have foam padding to protect your expensive equipment better. So, you don’t have to worry much when you accidentally drop your bag, but that doesn’t mean you be careless with your camera gear.

Best Camera Bags & Cases

Should Be Discreet

It is also very important for a camera bag to be discreet, especially very important for professional photographers who would carry expensive professional camera equipment.

It should not be easily possible for people to tell that the bag you are carrying is actually a camera bag laden with expensive stuff, and attract unnecessary attention of thieves.

Easy to Carry

I recommend having a camcorder bag because it is easy to carry around! You will easily and safely be able to carry your video camera wherever you go.

Besides, most of the camcorder bags have pockets to keep your power adapters, batteries, memory cards, etc.

So you do not have to search for them when you actually want to shoot a video. You can find all of them at one convenient place.

Best Camera Bags

Keep Things Together

The camera/camcorder bags primary use is to protect your video camera from minor shocks, knocks and scratches! But it also acts as a convenient place for storing all your video related accessories at one place. The zippered pouches and pockets available in the bag let you do this.

If you have to buy a camera or camcorder bag, make sure you buy one with extra pockets or straps so that you can conveniently store stuff and easily carry it around. Though all the camera bags are waterproof, you may still want to confirm that just to be on the safer side.

Compact Camera Cases

You get cases for all camera shapes and sizes. A good point-and-shoot camera case will be well built, with beefy padding and protection, and will come with lots of pouches. These are usually made of good quality nylon, which means they can easily survive several years of abuse.

The back of the case has a fixed strap for handholding it easily. In some cases it may even fit your waist so you can use it as a belt strap. These usually also come with a long adjustable strap.

These cases have the main section in the middle, a smaller compartment behind, and a relatively bigger compartment in the front – suitable for extra batteries and other accessories.

Even though these are compact camera cases, there is no reason why you can’t use them for your flip video cameras, or even for your portable mp3 player.

For Women

Women have taken to photography big time, and it is quite common to see women having the latest camera equipment. Photography, not long back, was seen as the bastion of men, but not anymore. But then, for most women, this is just a hobby and they may have a functional and compact camera.

Nevertheless, when it comes to camera bags, their preference can be much different from men. Women want more options when it comes to color and design, want their bags to look cute & stylish. Fortunately for them, they do have lots of options nowadays. Manufacturers did take note of this fact, and have introduced a range of stylish camera bags for women. Some of these are actually gender-neutral and can be used by men as well, so do check them out.

Other Offerings

You also get waterproof bags and those that are suitable for underwater photography. In case, you live in a location where it rains a lot, or intend to go diving at some exotic location, ensure you pick one of these.

Most of these camera bags for pros are also discreet so that they don’t attract unnecessary attention. This is particularly helpful in crowded places or when you are travelling; you don’t want someone to rob you of your expensive belongings.

DSLR & Camcorder Bags & Cases

Even in terms of fabric and color, you do have plenty of choices. So women photographers can look for some cute, colorful and stylish camera bags. As for brands, there are some good ones out there which we have reviewed on our site. Whichever brand of camera bag you pick, just make sure that you get yourself an excellent and practical one.

Most Photographers Have Multiple Bags

There are many of you who would have multiple cameras, in which case you may need more than one bag. For instance, if you are a serious photographer, then you are not going to carry your DSLR camera everywhere.

Are you? Very unlikely! In that case you need a quality digital camera that is not a chore to bring along, and for that you will need a suitable day bag sort of thing.

So, if you are a serious photographer, you are definitely going to end up with a few camera bags.

To Conclude

Camera bags nowadays are available in various shapes and sizes. Some of them can be easily mistaken for a regular backpack. But then a camera bag that looks like a backpack is also recommended because it will have all the features that is needed in a professional camera bag. It is also important for the best professional camera bag to have ample storage space for a laptop. Read more here on Camera Bags & Laptop Cases.

Best Camera Bags / Cases for Amateurs & Professionals

Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack

This cool Bag easily fits two smaller SLR camera bodies, 3-4 lenses, and additional small accessories. It is constructed of waterproofed polyester and nylon, is water repellant and urethane coated for extra durability. It has a padded divider system for on-the-go organization; includes tripod straps on pack bottom
Lightweight, with padded shoulder straps and back for comfortable use.

Compact Camera Case

This Camera case is compatible with almost all ultra compact point and shoot cameras. The durable dobby nylon and interior padding protects your camera against daily wear and tear. The Belt loop allows for easy transport. it also has Zippered pocket to store memory cards and other small accessories.

Canon SLR Gadget Bag

This camera bag can hold 1 SLR camera body with 3 to 5 lenses, flash and small accessories. It also has straps at the bottom to easily carry a tripod or monopod. The padded adjustable dividers allow you to customize the case to your equipment. The large front pocket with internal compartments makes it perfect for keeping notes & papers. It comes with a durable shell, rugged water repellent nylon fabric, that not only looks great but also protects your valuable equipment.