Best camera hand grip wrist straps

While the neck strap is the most common way to secure a DSLR, it’s not the only way.

Many photographers now use wrist straps to secure a camera. They’re perfect for adventure and sport photographers who are always on the go. These quick-connecting, quick-adjusting camera hand strap allows instant access to your camera’s controls.

The best hand/wrist straps provide real weight support in the correct place on your hand: over and above your knuckles, and close to your wrist. The curved shape also positions your hand in a perfect shooting position (45 degrees to the camera body) allowing you to comfortably reach the trigger and all other controls. These hand straps are designed for professional camera bodies and shooting environments, and offer great ergonomics.

Adjustable to any size wrist.
Compatible with extended battery pack/vertical grips.
Compatible with any tripod or Spider plate.
Clear access to your memory card slots and battery door.

There are a lot of fantastic, inexpensive DSLR wrist straps out there today, but we particularly loved the durable clutch model from Peak Design. It offers tough build quality, looks great and offers the best value out there! Get the perfect shot without worrying about your camera accidentally slipping out of your hands, by using this camera clutch strap to secure it. It’s made using sturdy aluminum hardware that can be attached or removed single-handedly in seconds.

Demo: Wrist Strap for a heavy camera

Final Words

While some photographers are comfortable using these straps, there are some who feel that a hand strap is a little restraining in some situations. Then there are some who feel that once you get used to these accessories, when trying someone else’s camera, you could drop it like a stone.

However, most feel tat these hand/wrist straps are best for amateur sports and outdoors., and not for weddings where you may shoot with two cameras or would require to change the lenses often.

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