Best Gaming Chairs: Make Your Gaming Experience More Fun and Real

Gaming is no longer about just playing a game, it’s the whole package. The peripherals connected to gaming are just as important as the game itself. For instance a gaming chair needs to be comfortable else it can take the fun out of your game. You can check out online and do some research to choose the best gaming chair for you.

Advantages of Using a Gaming Chair

Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a gaming chair.

  • Its more comfortable and relaxing. The better ones are made from premium quality cushioning materials (including leather). It can help you rotate or tilt at any angle for flexible movements. Gaming chairs have heavy padding on its arms, backrest, and seat to enhance your comfort.
  • Immersive Gaming Experience: Gaming chairs come with built-in sub-woofer (and a vibration system), high quality built-in speakers for better and effective entertainment.
    Integrated Wireless System: No need for messy cables, these come with wireless receiver for handling audio and other files needed for gaming. These connect with most games systems, TVs, iPod, and MP3 players. You can easily share gaming information and resources.

Watch: X-Rocker Pro series Gaming Chair

Types of Gaming Chairs

Over the years, gaming chairs have become better and there are several variants available now. They have efinitely improved comfort and satisfaction of gamers, and made life easier for them. Let us look at the the more common types of Gaming Chairs.

Video Game Chair: These make it easy for you to play video games; with these, you never have to strain your eyes on your screen again. You will not get tired nor feel dizzy. These have soft cushioning for comfort.

Here are some key features:

  • Supports various high-tech devices through built-in Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Pedestal allows you to change positions or gaming style. Has wireless receiver built inside the chair, with an outside transmitter that you can custom your preferences.
  • RCA compatible and surrounded by sound entertainment including a subwoofer and 2 speakers.
  • Video Gaming Chairs also supports AFM functionality for quality sound regardless of the source.

Computer Gaming Chair: Most ordinary chairs cause eye straining, back pains or hard movements when gaming for longer periods. Computer gaming chairs make gaming a more pleasurable experience for computer gurus/gamers. These gaming chairs can improve your interest and concentration.

These feature both wireless and LAN connectivity to stabilize speed. It has interactive features such as adjustable arms, PU Cover, and multi-functional mechanism.

Gaming Chair for Adults: These are adult-sized multimedia chairs for excellent gaming experience. These come with quality surround sound speakers, powered by a strong subwoofer. Allows wasy connectivity with variety of devices such as smart phone, TV, MP3 player, and several types of games console (that have universal audio out-jack). These chairs are great for adults who want to enjoy gaming.

Game Chair with Speakers: These offer top quality sound while gaming for a whole new experience. Gaming audio chair offers four speakers with 4.1 surround sound entertainment with strong subwoofer and supports AFM. Additionally, it has discreet RCA receiver and a transmitter for users’ convenience.

Buying the Best Gaming Chair

Before you buy a gaming chair, you need to check out some points that are important features for a gaming chair, for instance:

  • The most primary requirement from a gaming chair is comfort. This is obviously a subjective factor and varies from person to person. But it would help if you know what you want from the chair for example, do you prefer soft chairs? In which case, you need chairs with extra cushion, do you prefer your chair to be high or low from the ground etc.
  • Check out the gaming chairs that come with inbuilt speakers. There are many gaming chairs that have this feature. It makes your gaming experience more fun and real with a surround sound like effect rather than a unidirectional sound coming from the front.
  • There are wireless and wired gaming chairs. Our recommendation is that you opt for the one that’s wireless. Wired chairs tend to restrict your movement and there is a chance of tripping over or yanking off the cords by mistake causing the gaming system to fall. If you are looking for some more additional features, check out gaming chairs that have features such as vibrations.

Recommended Gaming Chairs

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Video Gaming Chair

The X Rocker 51396 comes with 2 integrated speakers & subwoofer for enhanced sound quality. Take your gaming experience to a whole new level with this gaming chair.

Merax High Back 4 Gaming Chair

The Merax High Back 4 gaming chair resembles an office chairs and can also be used as one if need be. It uses soft leather upholstery with ample padding, comes with Comfortable arm rests, swivels 360 degrees, has High Back with Lumbar Support, and more.