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Best smart / internet television reviews. Browse the web, get real-time news updates and watch your favorite TV programs.

Internet television has changed the way people watch TV today. People want apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, streaming services have further added the extra leverage to internet television. You can browse the web, get real-time news updates and watch your favorite TV program, whether it’s live or on demand all on your TV today.

A good smart Tv needs certain features such as a large list of pre-loaded apps, a great display, HD resolution with good color depth, many connection points etc. Here are some tips for buying a good smart TV.

  • What is a smart tv without some good features. Some features are necessary such as apps that allow you to stream content such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video for video streaming. You also need fun social media apps like Pandora, Facebook and YouTube. You should be able to download some apps that are not preloaded, so you be should have access to an app store. Some smart TV’s also allow users to customize home screens to load up all your favorite apps.
    Check out for smart TVs that offer 3D viewing. Some Smart TV’s even allow gesture control of your TV such as turning the TV on or off with voice or changing channels with a clap etc.

  • Features are useless if the picture quality is is not good enough. The best smart TVs have vivid displays with vibrant colors that don’t wash out. You need a smart TV that have good contrast that separate dark and light colors. If you have a good smart TV, you can identify it with its amazing display quality. Add in good speakers too because sometime the built in speakers are not good enough. An extra sound system can add to the impact of the whole experience.
  • Ensure that you are able to connect multiple devices to your Smart TV. If you are going to use your video games, Blu-ray, cable or satellite services, you will need multiple connections to kook it up to your TV. You also need HDMI ports for HD viewing, USB ports for flash drives and component and composite connections for non-HD devices.
  • Warranty, guarantee and customer service, are all important. You need a good customer service backing to help you in case of doubts with regards to your Smart TV.

Smart televisions are slowly gaining popularity among people. It keeps you connected and doubles up like a computer. You can surf the internet, stream videos all while watching your favorite program. This review will help you choose the best Smart TV that suits your budget and requirements.

Recommended Smart / Internet TVs

Some of the Smart TV’s we recommend are:

Samsung H7150 Smart LED TV

The Samsung H7150 Smart LED TV brings your favorite shows and movies come to life. Its one of the most popular smart TVs because of its gorgeous picture and well-integrated smart features.

Sony W950B 3D Smart LED TV

The Sony W series has got some amazing smart televisions, the Sony W950B is among the best smart TVs because of its amazing display quality and extensive smart app lists.

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