Best Video Capture Card

Video Capture Card reviews Best video capture card reviewed. Be it for capturing video, or viewing it, or for converting videos from one format to another, end users expect the final video to be of the best view-able quality. For that, you need to use a top-quality capture card on your computer (most of the processing happens on the computer).

Guide to the Best Video Capture Card

Here are some of the best video capture cards that can be used to import videos from an analog camcorder and even for recording video games. Find easy to follow guides and reviews of the best capture cards out there.

Best Video Capture Card

The Main Players

Some of the top manufacturers of these cards, especially in the starter to mid range market, include Pinnacle, Matrox, Canopus. Each of these are trusted names and have been around in the video editing business for long time now, offering hardware and software solutions.

Which One to Choose?

Each of these brands offers quality products. However, it is always best to read on the internet about any known incompatibilities or issues with these cards when used with a particular video editing software program.

So if you are using or intend to use a particular video editing software, you may check its support pages to see if it supports that particular capture card. Most editing software programs mention what features are incompatible with certain cards.

Usually it works fine, but it is best to cross check.

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StarTech High-Definition Capture Card

The PEXHDCAP60L High-Definition PCIe Capture Card includes the following ports: DVI, VGA, HDMI and also Audio-video. Allows you to record video from a variety of video output technologies. You can also enjoy 1080p crystal clear and high definition video resolution.

AVerMedia Technologies MTVHDDVRR Video Capture Card

The Avertv capture card is one of the better video capture cards available for cheap. Now you can digitalize your home video collection, turning old analog videos into DVDs. Equipped with HDMI and Dongle Cable input, it easily connects your computer to home video devices for plug and play conversion. You can also view movies and games in detailed 1080p video resolution.

Hauppauge 1381 ImpactVCB video capture card

Hauppauge products are usually known for their efficiency and the Hauppauge 1381 is another good video capture card. It can capture inages from a desktop CCD camera and other analog inputs. Features 1 S-video and 1 composite connector for Video Input, plus audio inputs.

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