Best Video Editing Software Reviewed (Beginners & Professionals)

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Best video editing software reviewed. Here are some tips & suggestions on what to look for in a video editing software package and reviews of the top ones.

Once the video shooting work is completed, there are various more features that you can add to your video, to make it look polished, interesting, crispier to your audience; you can further enhance your video using video editing software.

If you go through your recorded video on computer, you will see a lot of frames where you can actually make some improvement. You will also find lot of stuff that should actually be removed from your final video.

Since re-shooting your video is not an option always, editing the video on your computer gives you that opportunity to further enhance your final video.

You may want to add a soundtrack, or some sound effects, or some special effects to your video. Besides, you may also want to delete some shots from your video which you think are not needed in your final video.

All this is possible if you have a software package to edit video on your computer! Here is a brief introduction to editing videos in general.

How Can a Video Editing Software Help?

A Video editing software is actually no different from the numerous software programs you may already have installed on your computer. The only difference being the purpose for which it is going to be used.

The high-end video editing software will give you all the features and control to change your video the way you want to. But there are some of the things that you can expect to do, in general, on most of the video editing software.

Beginners Video Editing Software

  • Adding soundtrack, sound effects
  • Adding transitions, titles
  • Adding special effects, animated video clips
  • Improving light and color
  • Compositing video
  • Working with still photos and graphics

By no means is this list exhaustive and complete. These are some of the basic and most-used features on any video editing software.

Best Video Editing Software

Types of Video Editing Software

If you would have done some searching on the internet, you would have realized by now that there are a number of companies making video editing software.

But broadly speaking they are targeting the following segments.

  • The Home Users / Amateurs
  • The Professionals / High end
  • PC / Windows Based
  • Mac Based
  • For example, Final Cut Pro is for pros and it is Mac based.
    Adobe Premiere is for pros but it is Windows based.
    Pinnacle Studio Plus on the other hand is for home video editing.

    The ones with lots of features are obviously going to be expensive, so you need to decide where you fit in and accordingly look for a software program to edit video.

    Things to Look for in a Video Editing Software (Useful Features)

    Although there are numerous features available in any video editing software, you may want to use some of the common features to begin with and then gradually move on to the others.

    As with learning anything new, even this is going to take some time initially but it will not be long before you get a hang of how things work.

    The first step in video editing is to import the video file in your editing software. Once that is done you use the various menus & buttons to begin the editing process. You can now edit and arrange the scenes as you like on the video editing timeline.

    Here are the factors to consider if you’re in the market for a Professional Video Editing Software (most of it applies to beginner editing software as well). Here’s what to look for.

    The programmers that built these applications are not just software engineers; they are also professional editors themselves. They bring experience and expertise to each application. Therefore, there is very little they’ve left out.

    Here’s what you should look at when evaluating the best professional video editing software:

    Editing Tools
    Professional video editing software goes far beyond timelines, effects and transitions. The best moviemaker programs provide advanced tools such as multicam support, animation tools, color correction and more. These tools allow you to not only arrange audio and video clips in the right order, they also enhance the footage you’ve captured with the camera.

    You may already be familiar with some of these tools because of your experience with consumer-level editing programs. You’ll be pleased to find that they work on the same principals and offer a wider range of control and more power than their consumer counterparts.

    Special Effects & Transitions
    Another important point is the availability and customization of special effects & transitions in the video editing software. Beginners should be ok with the available features in the entry level editing software, but if you are looking for more flexibility & customization of the special effects, packages like Adobe Premiere will be more suitable.

    Capture & Playback
    The best video editors are compatible with footage from high-end cameras and sound equipment; they’re quite versatile when it comes to capturing footage from various sources. The movie editing software you choose should give you the ability to capture content found in anything from an iPhone to a DSLR or a RED camera.

    A better playback image means you can choose high quality shots. High quality rendering gives you a crisper view of the video you are editing. Additionally, the introduction of features such as background rendering and enhanced media organization greatly reduce the downtime associated with video editing.

    Remove Unwanted Scenes
    This is one of the features that you would be using a lot! No matter how much ever care you take while shooting your video, there would be scenes which you would not like in your final video. You can easily delete unwanted scenes using software to edit home video.

    Adding a Soundtrack
    All the video editing software programs allow you to use MP3 or WAV files to be used as soundtracks for your video. You don’t have to necessarily use a soundtrack in all your videos but for certain videos it really helps in making a good final product. There are a lot of sample sounds & effects available in video editing software which you can use.

    Add Titles
    If you have carefully observed the DVD of any movie or an event, you will notice an index like page in the beginning which gives you options to go to different sections within the video directly. The Index page is created by adding titles! Adding titles helps you to organize various sections of your video and give it a professional look.

    Adding Screen Transitions
    This feature helps you to move from one scene to another in an effective manner, it gives a better effect to your video. All the video editing software packages give you a number of different built-in screen transitions, which you can choose from. Screen transitions like dissolving, rolling over, breaking into pieces, flying away, etc. to the next scene are part of the standard screen transition in most video editing software.

    Ease of Use
    A professional video editor goes through years of training to learn how to use these applications to their full potential. For them, using all these applications and their features seems to come naturally. However, for amateurs and self-taught editors, they are quite daunting. Each of the products on our lineup has a consumer-grade counterpart that follows the same principals as its older sibling. Professional video editing software should be at least somewhat accessible to those who have a basic understanding of video editing.

    Export & Production
    Export options are critical to any project. How you intend your audience to view your video weighs heavily in the choices you make about export options, such as resolution, aspect ratio and file format. For example, if you are exporting a feature film onto a DVD, you want the highest resolution possible for HD viewing. If you’re making a video for the web, you probably want a smaller file format such as an MP4 for quick uploading to services such as YouTube and Vimeo.

    Another factor which adds to the cost, is the ability of the editing software to support different formats of video files! Besides your captured video, some of the packages can import movie files like Quicktime or RealMedia and edit them. They can even export in different formats to support various video players – Quicktime, Windows Media, portable players like iPods, etc.

    Help & Support
    Graduating from consumer-level applications to professional video editing software should be as painless as possible. To this end, the manufacturers create in-depth tutorials and offer classes on how to use these programs as well as on best practices for creating projects that keep an audience’s attention. These tutorials are in addition to well-established support avenues such as phone, email and FAQs.

    Making the leap from video enthusiast to professional video producer takes passion, perseverance and willingness to learn. However, professional video editing software provides wonderful creative opportunities for anyone who is willing to put in the efforts and learn. Read more here…

    Technical Requirements
    In general, any video editing software program has to provide / meet some technical requirements like –

    • Computer Configuration – Ideal configuration that the computer must have for the editing software to work efficiently. Its specified by the software provider; in general these software require your computer to have top configurations
    • Operating System – Is it Mac or Windows that it supports (some will run only on one)
    • Upgradability – Does the vendor provide patches for newer versions of the operating system? Does it provide discount when a newer version of the video editing software is release?
    • Support – In case you are stuck installing or using the digital video editing software, do they provide a telephone number or email-id where you can reach them?

    Other Factors & Features
    Besides technical considerations, the number of available effects & transitions, the flexibility to use those effects, support for different video formats, are some of the parameters that you need to use to compare video editing software.

    If you compare the various video editing software, their range of prices can start from around 100$ and can go up to 1000$. And this is precisely because of their range of available features!

    Some other factors that you need to consider when choosing the best video editing software for your video work!

    Buying a Video Editing Software

    Decide whether you want it for personal or professional use! Packages like Pinnacle Studio Plus, will suit the average home video user. For experienced users & pros, look for Adobe premiere or Final Cut. Check if any freebie (any free bundled software) comes along. Frequently you will have offers which will give away free audio/video related software along with your video editing software. DVD authoring packages or Music creation packages are mostly bundled free, which can be an added bonus.

    Simple Video Editing Software for Beginners

    Simple Video Editing Software for Beginners If you are a beginner, and if you have heard that Final Cut Pro is the video editing software used widely in Hollywood, it is not necessary that you actually go ahead and buy that software for editing your videos.

    It may not fit your budget and besides, you may not have the necessary skills to do complete justice to that software.

    So here are some of the best video editing software programs…recommended for beginning videographers. All of these are good value for money.

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate (Win)
    Whether you’re a beginner or video enthusiast, its now easy to capture, edit, and tell your story with the Pinnacle Studio. You get improved user-friendly drag-and-drop interface which makes it a breeze to create high-quality movies with music, montage themes, transitions, animations and effects. You can easily share your masterpiece on DVD, the web, or upload to YouTube in widescreen.

    Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 (Win)
    You can now create movies in AVCHD and stereoscopic 3D, edit the audio in Sound Forge Audio Studio, upload movies to Pixel cast, and burn to DVD or Blu-ray Disc; all with the Movie Studio Platinum Suite. You can use surround sound mixing tools to create 5.1 soundtracks, and add style with the NewBlueFX 3D Titling and Video Effects.

    Corel VideoStudio Pro X4
    Easier to use and faster, you can not get creative with amazing effects, music, titles, transitions, including new Stop Motion animation and Time-Lapse tools, that you can use with SD or HD video clips. Easily share the videos on iPhone, mobile device, disc, your favorite website or even your Television. With enhanced speed and performance, you can now focus on the creative aspects, without the software getting in your movie-making.

    Ulead VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio Plus are video editing software programs that can be easily learnt & used by beginners. Besides, they also have more advanced features for the intermediate users – something that you can use as you get more experienced.

    More Video Editing Software

    Depending on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional, the video editing products that I recommend –

    • Beginners – Roxio VideoWave
    • Intermediate Level – Ulead VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio
    • Advanced – Adobe Premiere Pro, Final cut

    Adobe Premiere Elements 9 (Win/Mac)
    New Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 & Adobe Premiere Elements 9 software makes it easier than ever to tell entertaining stories with your photos and videos. Instantly unclutter or repair photos with the enhanced Spot Healing Brush. Enjoy optimized HD and SD editing, and quickly fix audio problems in your movies. Share photos and videos on Facebook, and share movies via convenient, interactive web DVD viewing experiences. And now enjoy a complete solution for photos and videos whether you use Microsoft Windows or Mac OS.

    Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Suite (Win)
    Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite takes HD video and audio production to the next level with additional tools for professional-level sound design and more video effects and transitions. Use the included Sound Forge Audio Studio software for precise audio editing; then enhance your multimedia projects with 400 exclusive music soundtracks. Quickly learn essentials with the included tutorial DVD.

    Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 (Win)
    Work as fast as your creativity moves you with Corel VideoStudio Pro X3—HD video-editing software for serious movie making fun. Now twice as fast, it has everything you need to import, edit and share standard or HD movies and DVDs. Start with an amazing new collection of professionally designed templates from RevoStock, and real-time, studio-quality effects. Stay on the creative track with a huge palette of intuitive and powerful video-editing tools. Then share your story everywhere, from YouTube to Blu-ray and everything in between.

    Final Cut Studio by Apple (Mac, PowerMac, Mac OS X)
    Edit, animate, mix, grade, and deliver on a Mac with Final Cut Studio. It includes more than 100 powerful new features. Use new versions of the ProRes codec to edit at high quality with reduced file sizes in a wide variety of workflows. Work with clients or colleagues in real time from anywhere in the world using iChat Theater. Add dramatic 3D graphics, repair common audio problems, and automate delivery in just a few clicks. The leading post-production suite now includes significant upgrades to Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Soundtrack Pro and updated versions of Color and Compressor. It also includes DVD Studio Pro, the industry standard for DVD authoring.

    Final Cut Express 4 by Apple (Mac, PowerMac, Mac OS X)
    Discover powerful video editing for DV, HDV, and AVCHD*. Final Cut Express 4 delivers a single, open format Timeline where you can edit all three, mixing formats and frame rates using the same pro-level editing tools available in Final Cut Pro. Import video projects directly from iMovie ¿08. Take advantage of LiveType to create dynamic, animated titles. Built-in audio controls let you mix up to 99 audio tracks¿even add a narrative voiceover. Perfect your movie with professional transitions and effects, including optional third-party FxPlug plug-ins. *AVCHD video requires a Mac with an Intel processor.

    Why use Professional Video Editing Software?
    Professional video editing software can be pricey, but for video enthusiasts ready to go to the next level, it offers the best approach. Besides, they offer useful tools that helps experienced editors give shape to the final cut.

    Professional video editing software is a great asset for any filmmaker or film enthusiast; the past few years have seen not only great leaps in the technology, but also a drastic reduction in price.

    Here are more reasons to consider buying a Professional Video Editing Software for your film editing requirements.

    Its Not Just about Putting the Clips & Sound Together on a Timeline
    Creating video is more than just juxtaposing clips and sound together on a timeline. You might be tempted to thing so if you look at any beginner working on a editing software. However, there’s much more to it.

    It is story telling at its most elegant, complex and stylish. Telling your story with precision, power and prestige requires the tools and features found in professional video editing software. All the skills you’ve learned cutting your teeth in consumer-grade applications have prepared you to dive head first into the professional realm.

    Top Editing Software Programs
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Sony Vegas Pro 11 all require an investment in both time and money. Realizing the full potential of these applications demands hours of patience, practice and passion. Features such as key framing, rotoscoping and the chroma key give you the ability to take your videos to a level that is simply unachievable with consumer-level editing software.

    Find More On Our Site
    In addition to our reviews of the above-motioned products, we’ve also created articles about professional video editing software that show you exactly what’s possible with these powerful applications. If you are looking for simpler applications for smaller projects, check out our video editing software site.

    Top Professional Video Editing Software
    Here are the top 3 editing software:

    1. Final Cut Pro X: Apple also recently revamped its signature video editing software. Final Cut Pro X is leaner and faster than previous iterations of the software. The new interface also makes the software more intuitive and accessible to new users. Innovative new features such as background rendering and the magnetic timeline set the standard for future generations of video editing applications.
    2. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: This software is the best video editing software available without the need to buy specialized hardware. Adobe redesigned the user interface for this iteration of Premier Pro with the intent to remove all the obstacles in the way of the creative process. The redesign is successful, for the most part, without compromising the tools and features that put this product in first place.
    3. Sony Vegas Pro 11: Sony’s latest foray into video editing sees marked improvements over their past efforts. All the features and tools needed to create a great video project are present and functional. It has excellent integration with Sony hardware such as cameras and audio equipment. However, it just doesn’t quite live up to the high standards set by Adobe and Apple.

    Corel VideoStudio Consumer Video Editing Software for Windows

    Corel recently updated its Windows consumer video editing package: VideoStudio Pro X8 and VideoStudio Ultimate X8.

    VideoStudio X8 provides new tools, additional intelligent features and enhanced performance. Updates include freeze frame and video masking, audio ducking and 4K hardware acceleration that the company says is more than four times faster when used with fifth-generation Intel Core processors.

    Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 Review

    Specifically, new features include more creative looks, the ability to convert titles to alpha channel files, motion tracking and screen capture for both system audio and microphone sound. Creative add-ons include NewBlue Video Essentials II with 10 new plugins to create vignettes and enhance color; ScoreFitter royalty-free sounds and songs for soundtracks that automatically adjust to fit the length of your movie; and 17 royalty-free music tracks from Triple Scoop Music.

    Smart audio ducking balances dialog and narration with background sound so that the software detects that audio and automatically lowers the background sound volume.

    The new version makes it easier to track clips used in your video. Thumbnails in the Library show a check mark when the clip has been used to help you avoid reusing the same footage. But you can re-use existing video projects with the multiple projects editing feature or save and re-use customized filters or transitions in future projects.

    Enhanced asset management brings your organized media folders into a more intuitive media library, while an enhanced list view offers easy access to information such as resolution, frame rate and start/end times.

    The new version’s 4K hardware acceleration also improves playback performance in full HD so more tracks can be played in real time. You can work with the XAVC S format for 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution while additional formats, such as MKV are now supported. New support for MOV (H.264 format) has also been added to VideoStudio’s export options, which already include AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, WebM, Windows Media Format and HTML5.

    VideoStudio Ultimate X8 includes all the features of VideoStudio Pro X8, and throws in a $500 collection of advanced special effects with plug-ins from proDAD, Boris Graffiti and NewBlue. New additions to the Ultimate version include proDAD Adorage Starter Pack and NewBlue FX Essentials IV.

    Top Free Video Editing Software / Tools to Make Your Website Look Great

    Free Video Editing Software Here are the best free Video Editing software programs for beginners and amateurs. You can use them to get a feel of how editing works. Most of these come with a decent set of features, thought some of them may have a learning curve.

    Every business requires a digital presence nowadays, and posting an image or a video is an activity that most businesses do on a regular basis.

    Want to polish your video a bit more, without having to spend? Here are some free video editing tools that you can start using today to make your website (and other digital properties) look great.

    Advantages of Freeware Video Editing Software
    If you want to get a feel of video editing, I think you should try out one of the free video editing software, before you decide to buy something.

    It is an inexpensive method of getting used to the various functions/features available. Though it may be of limited capability, you can still play around with the software and learn a lot.

    You can download these free video editing software programs from their manufacturer’s sites. Just download, install and use the software to help you get a feel of the various features available.

    Disadvantages of Freeware Video Editing Software
    Though they are freeware video editing software, they could be of limited capability. Some of the features may also not be available though the manufacturer’s site may say something else.

    Besides, don’t expect anything in terms of support. You may have to go through the FAQs to figure out the problems/issues.

    Useful For?
    Anybody who needs to make videos/movies, be it for learning, as a hobby, or even to promote certain products or services, should definitely consider using these, before thinking about using any professional editing software.

    You really don’t need an expensive one to give a touch of professionalism to a video (the pro ones however can definitely help you get quicker results).

    List of Free Video Editing Software
    Here is a list of the best freeware video editing software, available for you to use.

    • YouTube: We all know YouTube for watching videos, but what most people don’t know is, it has a video editor. And since the likelihood of most of the videos we create for our business will end up here, you should give its editor a try. What this tool lacks in features it makes up in ease of use and deployment. It just has a single track timeline with basic transitions, effects and a simple soundtrack feature, and in most cases that is all people need.
    • Windows Movie Maker: Although not supported for the new Windows 10, you can still download and use this long time video editing application. Windows Movie Maker has basic tools that are very easy to use with an interface designed for that very purpose. This application can perform transitions, timeline narration, effects, background music and lets you combine your clips with titles. If you want to quickly edit, add text and post it on your site or social media account, this is it.
    • iMovie: This is the free version that comes on Apple computers, but it packs a punch. The latest version of iMovie has a timeline, color correction, contrast brightness and saturation. It also provides a separate editing panel for audio, green screen controls, lowered background noise and sharing options that lets upload your video directly to YouTube, Facebook and other sites.
    • Smartpixel: One of the greatest features of Smartpixel is its ability to let you capture what you are seeing on your computer screen, along with tools for making tutorials, training videos and more. The video editing tools include, video clipping, merging, dubbing in voice and background music, adding subtitles, effects and filters.
    • Magisto: Magisto uses a technology that analyzes your best photos and video clips in movies. It applies video stabilization, facial recognition, video filters, video effects, and smooth transitions automatically. So it basically does all the hard work for you, and lets you post it easily on the more popular social media sites.
    • Avidemux: One thing Avidemux has going for it is ease of use and bare bones functionality while still offering essential video editing features. In addition to basic editing tools, it also performs batch processing, encode animation with Xvid, create video from still image and from audio file, and some others.
    • Photobucket: Photobucket is a popular photo and video sharing site. The online video editor lets you quickly make changes and post it online. You can combine images, videos, text, and music to create videos or “mashups” of content all without having to download anything on your device.

    Here are some more options:

    PowerDirector (By Cyberlink): Decent Video Editing Software for Android

    Android: Let’s be honest. The list of robust video editors on Android has been meager to non-existent for a while. You can do okay casual stuff with Vine or Instagram, but getting serious work done has been reserved for other platforms. Until now.

    zohra sehgal on death

    Cyberlink is known in the Windows world as making serviceable video editing software. It’s no Final Cut, AVID, or Premiere, but for the semi-pro, it’s a step in the right direction. On Android, however, the mobile version of PowerDirector shines. You can trim, cut, and split video clips, add transitions, title effects, soundtracks and more.

    Unfortunately, the app isn’t compatible with a ton of devices (according to Google Play, this app is incompatible with my Nexus 7 and Moto X), and the UI only seems ideal for editing on tablets in the first place. You also probably won’t be getting much pro-level work done.

    For hammering out a more complex edit on the go, though, PowerDirector has quickly become an obvious choice.

    Windows Moviemaker

    Microsoft Movie Maker

    Microsoft Movie Maker comes along with windows Vista or above, in almost all the new computers nowadays. It is one of the best free video editing software programs available and the latest upgrades are easily downloadable from Microsoft’s website. Windows Movie Maker has many features to help you create/edit your home videos.

    Animoto Video Editor

    Animoto Video Editor

    More than a video editor, its used for creating some cool video slideshows. You can create beautiful videos out of your photos and video clips in just a minutes. Just upload your images/video clips and choose a suitable music, Animoto does the rest. The best part is that it produces a unique video each time. You have several sharing options for the Videos.

    Apple iMovie

    Apple iMovie

    Another free Video Editing Software which is good but is available only on the MAC operating system…not on Windows. It is the best freeware video editing program for MAC users, but is available free only when you buy a new MAC. Apple iMovie has many advanced features for you to try out.

    Avid FreeDV

    Avid FreeDV

    Another good editing program which includes basic video and audio editing capabilities! Though not as user friendly as Movie Maker/iMovie, Avid FreeDV is till a good option to learn video editing. It is available for both Windows and MAC operating systems.



    An upcoming video editing software program, it has many features which you will find useful. The capabilities seem to be more though it can be made to look more user-friendly. You can use it as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in within other video editing programs.



    Another interesting and free video editing software program that is worth looking at is Zwei-Stein. Though it has got many features, the user interface is bit difficult to use. Give it a try!

    More Options
    Here are some more options that you may consider:

    This one is quite comprehensive and provides you with several editing features, effects and transitions to work with.

    You get lots of storage space for your video files and you can even submit your videos to social sites and blogs.

    Movie Masher
    You can easily trim, organize video clips, add sound effects and several audios, titles and transitions. It comes with several promotional tools as well; you can submit the edited videos to social media and blogs with the click of a button.

    Final Thoughts

    Video is an important medium for businesses to communicate with their audiences. You can use these free video editing tools to enhance your video without investing any money. Once you are convinced about the value, your video brings to your business, you could consider investing in more professional video editing suites.

    If you are a beginner learning the ropes of video production, or a hobbyist who doesn’t have to create professional videos, you can definitely take advantage of the several free video editors available online. Though they may have limited features, you can still do useful editing steps such as adding subtitles or in some cases even custom animation. If you intend to make web videos, video podcasts or even home movies, these programs can be really helpful to you, and the best part is that these can be downloaded for free.

    If you are an absolute beginner, using the Microsoft Movie Maker (for Windows users) or the Apple iMovie (for MAC users) would be a good option, since they are easy to use and you can find a lot of documentation as well on how to use them. If you are technically strong, and don’t want to invest in a good video editor, you can also try out the other freeware options, which will give you more features to use on your videos.

    When it comes to choosing video editing software programs, usually no one sticks with same brand/version forever. That is the reason you should go in for something that will suit your needs today and in the immediate future.

    You can really enhance your video by using the features available in a video editing software. To begin with, you might use video editing for just removing unwanted scenes, but as you become more experienced you will start seeing the advantages of using the advanced features like adding transitions, soundtrack and so on to edit video.

    The number of video editing software listed her is not to confuse you but to give you multiple choices so that you can pick up something that suits your budget. There is no need to go overboard and get the most expensive one available in the market. Once you become more experienced on video editing, you too will be able to judge better what your needs are, and you can always upgrade to another product.

    Best Video editor Products to Edit DVDs

    There are many who feel that DVDs are on their way to becoming obsolete, but the fact is that there’s still a lot of video stuff that already exists on DVDs. So what are the best video editor products out there to edit videos stored on DVDS? Read more here.

    Q. I have some video I recorded on a DVD from a TV program and I’d like to edit it to remove the commercials. Is there an easy and inexpensive video editor available to accomplish this project?

    A. You can easily pay about $100 to $200 for a decent video editor that has numerous bells and whistles but is also pretty complicated to learn. In addition, video editing requires a lot of time to complete a project with all the rendering (preparing the video file for burning to a DVD) as well as the time required to complete the actual burning process.

    How does a FREE video editor sound to you? And not only is it free but you may already own it! If you’re only going to edit videos on an occasional basis, you may already have a neat little program called Movie Maker on your computer. Movie Maker doesn’t usually come with Windows 7 but you can check out any version of Windows here: to see if you already have it.

    If you need to download Movie Maker for your computer (or to obtain a more up-to-date version), go here: and download the proper version for your Operating System.

    Once it’s installed, you can open it up and poke around to see how it works. I suggest practicing on a spare copy of your video file until you understand the basic process of video editing. An introductory tutorial may be found at: and even though it says it’s for the Vista version, the information contained in it is applicable to other versions.

    Movie Maker is rather simplistic and if you get more involved with video editing, you may find yourself outgrowing its limitations. At that point you will want to consider a higher-end editor. I suggest you search for “best video editors” to find something that’s in your price range. By this time you will have had some experience and will be more knowledgeable regarding what features you need to make your movies stand out from the crowd.

    VSDC Free Video Editor

    VSDC Free Video Editor is a simple and easy to use video editor featuring a lot of functions even a pro editor wouldn’t be ashamed of. With a full support for dozens of video codecs and formats including but not limiting to AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, WMV, 3GP, FLV for video; MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, PCM, OGG, AAC, M4A, AMR for audio; and BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, ICO, TIFF for images, VSDC Free Video Editor provides one of the easiest ways to combine multiple source chunks in different formats into a resulting high-quality video.

    Unlike many other video editing programs, VSDC Free Video Editor offers totally different and much more flexible approach to creating and editing videos. While most of editors utilize a predefined sequence of frames and scenes in a video, VSDC Free Video Editor allows a user to shuffle fragments and objects of the movie in an arbitrary order. The size, the position and the timeline of each object can be adjusted separately giving you the freedom you need for a video of virtually any complexity. A handful of eye-catching visual effects can bring additional dynamics into the video, while special video filters make sure you get the best quality of the final image. Thousands of effects come as standard and are split into four categories for better navigation.

    Not only does VSDC Free Video Editor offer powerful video editing capabilities, it is also surprisingly easy to use. Forget video conversion back and forth between different formats – the program fluently reads all of them; and the output video is as easy to write to a DVD disk as to transfer it to any connected media device, like iPod, iPad, Sony PlayStation, Xbox or a smartphone.

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