Best Wireless Home Security Systems

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Best Wireless home security systems reviewed here. Currently these are the most popular types of security systems installed by home owners.

While there are several types of home security systems, having any type of security system is a major deterrent against intruders, more than the type of system you install. But then wireless do have several advantages.


So make sure you do everything necessary to protect your home, your family, and your belongings from the unthinkable (worst).


Who Is It For?

A wireless home security system usually appeals to the following users:

  • Parents who want to make sure their kids are safe at home, after they come back from school, and no adult is at home to supervise
  • Pet owners who want to keep an eye on their pets, whether they’re up to some mischief, or feeling sick
  • Those who live alone and have valuable possessions at home, who want to secure their home when they’re away.
  • People who shop online frequently can check if their package was delivered.

Components of a typical home security system:

  • Control panel: Main controller of a home’s security system that communicates with each component, and sounds an alarm when it knows of any intrusion.
  • Door and window sensors: Informs the control panel if a breach occurs
  • Motion sensors, both interior and exterior: Protects a given space (usually rooms containing valuables) and informs the control panel if a breach occurs.
  • Wired or wireless security cameras: Installed to keep an eye on remote/distant areas, can be accessed remotely on computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • A high-decibel siren or alarm: Loud enough for neighbors to hear.
  • Yard Sign and Window Stickers: May look like marketing tools of alarm companies, but tells burglars that you home is professionally protected and not worth attempting a burglary.

Top Benefits of Wireless Home Security System

Here are top benefits of using a wireless Home Security System, as opposed to using a wired systems (which have existed for a long time now).

  • No wires
    Wireless systems are modern systems, in keeping with the time, and instead of wires, the various components communicate with each other via radio signals.

  • Easier to Install
    Because there are no wires, the installation process is much smoother in case of wireless systems. Wireless systems do not need to be connected to your home’s electrical system and do not disrupt the interior of your house.

  • Portable
    Because of the fewer components, wireless home security systems are more portable; it can easily be dis-assembled and reassembled at another location. Wireless systems are also easy to deactivate/remove in-case you no longer want a security system.

  • Does not depend on Electricity
    Wireless systems can operate on battery power, which means they will continie to operate and monitor, even if the power is out.

  • Modern Features
    Most modern Wireless systems stream live video feed of your home to your work computer or smartphone. They can even send alerts (via text or email) when someone enters or leaves your home.

Any Drawbacks of Wireless Systems?

Wireless systems are more susceptible to interference (from other electronic devices). But that can be lived with. There are some more:

  • False alarms: This is what some burglars try out, and that is to confuse the owner/authorities by sounding a particular alarm over and over again within a short period of time. This way, when the thief sounds the alarm for real, the homeowners may think that the system has gone crazy and probably ignore the alarm.
  • Hacking garage systems: Again, most burglars have figured out that most homeowners usually don’t lock the door between the house and the garage. So it makes an easier target to hack the garage system.
  • Getting unauthorized access: There are many who think that wireless systems can be hacked into and burglars can get unauthorized access. However, that is easier said than done (its difficult for most burglars), and companies ensure they take care of most vulnerabilities.

    You can learn more about securing a wireless home security system here.

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Xanboo HMWL1010 Home Monitoring and Control System Wireless Camera

0.33-inch color CMOS image sensor camera wirelessly transmits data
Built-in infrared motion detection and built-in microphone
Weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor applications
Features auto brightness, contrast, and white-balance adjustment settings
For use with Motorola HMEZ1000 Easy Start Kit
Home Monitoring & Control System Wireless CameraThe Motorola HMWL1010 Home Monitoring and Control…Read more

Bravolink Wireless Security System Motion Sensor Phone Auto Dialer Home Burglar Alarm Kit

Display with led light showing which guard zone was triggered.
Support up to 32 guard zones.
Up to 5 groups phone number can be preset in the system for auto dailing
With Auto Dial function
Main Features 1.Main Unit will receive signal from detectors when detectors detected any guard zone was triggered/intruded. Siren will sound and Main Unit will auto dial to the preset phone number…Read more

VideoSecu 4 CH Wireless Audio Video Outdoor Day Night Security Camera Home CCTV System WA1

Affordable wireless surveillance solution
380 TV line video resolution. Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz
Easily installation, plug and play just connect receiver to your TV or VCR
Up to 100 ft wireless transmission and up to 26 ft night vision
Package contents: 2 x IR CMOS…Read more

Lorex LH018501C4WF Vantage 8-Channel Video Security System with 4 Wireless Security Cameras (Black and White)

Simultaneous View, Record, Playback, Backup & Remote Monitoring
Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
Internet Explorer & Safari 6.0
Accurate Time Stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time
Includes 8 Ch 500GB DVR, Multi-Voltage 110-240V 50/60Hz DVR power supply, IR remote, 4 power adapters…Read more