Kimera Big Shot 3D DIY Digital Camera Assembly Kit

kimera bigshot digital camera Big Shot 3D DIY Digital Camera Assembly Kit reviewed here. If you have always wondered what’s inside a Digital camera, this kit will help you do that and even let you build one from scratch.

Bigshot Camera Review

The Bigshot camera kit provides children with the opportunity to assemble their very own, fully functional digital camera. In fact, its suitable for anyone with a passion for photography, as this project gives you a complete understanding of the mechanics of a digital camera.

Bigshot, a fully functional digital camera that kids assemble themselves — learning a range of scientific concepts in the process. The camera can take regular, panoramic or 3-D digital photos and has a hand-crank that can recharge the battery. Camera manufacturers, in general, have overlooked kids by providing products that are made of cheap plastic. But this one tries to inspire kids (immediately) by providing a real camera. A future focus for Kimera may be to improve the camera’s image quality or adding other features, such as Wi-Fi.

While this is more of a point and shoot camera, it features a lens dial similar to an iPhone Holga lens kit adapter. The rotary lens includes “regular”, panorama, 3D and wide angle.

Shree Nayar, a Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, is the bran behind this DIY camera project.

Demo / Video Review

Watch: Bigshot Camera Demo Video

Features & Specs

Here are the main features of the Kimera BigShot 3D DIY Digital Camera Assembly Kit:

  • Finished product is a fully functional 3D digital camera
  • Makes for a great, unique DIY project

    kimera big shot digital camera

  • Perfect for anyone with an appreciation for photography and the mechanics underpinning digital cameras
  • Camera compatible with Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OSX operating systems
  • Package includes all camera’s various parts (including battery), data cable, lanyard, Phillips screwdriver, 3D glasses, and English instruction book

kimera big shot digital camera

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