Top tips to take beautiful photos inside churches

Church Photography

Here are a few things to remember before you visit a church/cathedral for church photography. Photography Gear Telephoto lenses: Helps you get closer to the detail/patterns on the roof. Wide-angle lenses: Great for shooting architectural shots. Macro lens: For capturing close up details Tripod – Note that certain churches/cathedrals stop photographers from using tripods, or […]

Upgrading to a DSLR Camera

dslr camera

Thinking of getting into the world of “DSLR Photography”? Here’s a typical scenario. You have a compact camera and capture some great photos but want more control over its functions. It’s great that such a small unit can achieve such great results but know that that great photo could have been so much better if […]

Top live production video switchers & mixers

video switcher

Switchers and processors for broadcast and live events. Most of these are compact, allowing you to easily travel to your destination with it, ready for a full multi-camera production. Switchers and mixers are ideal for TV production, webcasting, education, AV, live events and more. Latest products include technologies that lets you control from nearly anywhere […]

Essential Video Equipment for Your Studio

video equipment

Digital Video Equipment: Guide to selecting & buying the best digital camcorders, video editing hardware & software. Find out what sort of cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment, professionals use to shoot commercials and documentaries. Contents1 Introduction2 Selecting & Buying a Digital Camcorder3 Buying a Computer for Video Editing4 Buying a Video Capture Device5 Buying a […]

Best Computer Speakers, Reviews

computer speakers

Best computer speakers, reviews: There are many who use their computers for watching movies, listening to music and for playing games. Naturally, a better pair of speakers will only enhance the overall experience. Here’s a simplified guide to choosing the best computer speakers and reviews of the best ones. Now you don’t have to settle […]

Best Biometric Safe Reviews

biometric safe

Best Biometric Safe Reviews: Instead of keeping your valuable things in the freezer, you can now go high-tech – keep all your cash, jewelry, backup data and even firearms shielded from crooks & other prying hands with one of these biometric safes. Of the several features, a good biometric safe offers quick access and electronic […]

Best Spy / hidden Cameras

spy hidden camera

Best Spy Cameras reviewed here. These hidden cameras record in both audio and video. While you may not need a separate camera for filming small get-togethers’ as most mobile phones come with a decent built-in camera, for certain requirements a hidden/spy camera could definitely be useful. If discretion is your top most priority, then you […]

Best Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers buying guide & reviews of the best options available to provide storage space for all your audiovisual equipment. Contents1 Best Entertainment Centers2 WE Furniture Wood TV Stand Storage Console3 Manhattan Comfort Morning Side Entertainment Center4 Sauder Harvest Mill Home Theater Abbey Oak5 Sauder Large Entertainment Center6 Home Styles 5050-34 Modern Craftsman 3-Piece Gaming […]

Best Gaming Monitors

Here are top Gaming Monitors that will enhance your gaming experience manifold. These gaming monitors allow you to experience all the action clearly minus tearing, flicker, blur and other motion related issues. Contents1 Recommended Gaming Monitors2 ASUS 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor [VG245H]3 HP Pavilion 22cwa 21.5-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor4 Acer G246HL 24-Inch […]

Chicago police using cutting-edge predictive computer models to curb violent crime

minority report future tech

Remember watching the 2002 feature film Minority Report (based on Philip K Dick’s sci-fi short story)? The author had predicted several technical innovations, like the broad implementation of biometric scanning systems and driverless cars, which are already here. However, the film’s big future tech hook of predictive crime stopping has been a slower burn here […]

Gaming Computers: Guide

gaming computer

There is a popular myth that gaming computers are expensive; however, its interesting to note that gaming video card and computer manufacturers earn maximum revenues from their low and medium range PC offerings. Here’s more on gaming pcs/computers. Contents1 What is a Gaming Computer?2 What is ‘Enthusiast Computing’3 Gaming Computers: Evolution4 Gaming Computers: Wide Variety5 […]

Home Audio Systems: Buying Guide

home theater in a box

Home audio systems: Sound bars to stereo speakers to full-blown, amped-up, surround-sound speaker packages. Contents1 Sound Bars2 Surround-Sound System3 Good Speakers4 Play Music on Home Audio Systems Sound Bars Upgrading your TV sound can be as easy as plugging in a sound bar. The sound bar is a popular and convenient way to improve the […]

100 Greatest Movies of all time

greatest movies

100 Greatest Movies in motion picture history, based on quality of direction, script, cinematography, acting, story line, originality, and success. Title – (Year, Director) (Leading Actors) 1. The Godfather – (1972, Francis Ford Coppola) (Marlon Brando, Al Pacino) 2. Citizen Kane – (1941, Orson Welles) (Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton) 3. Casablanca – (1942, Michael Curtiz) […]

Watch 300 Jedi fight 60,000 medieval soldiers: animation created with Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Jedi vs Medieval Soldiers Battle

Watch 300 highly organized Jedi knights, with lightsabers, defeat 60,000 medieval soldiers with regular swords and shields. The clip is basically an animation video created with the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator and posted on YouTube. Watch: 300 JEDI vs 60.000 FOOTMEN – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Several users have complained that the simulator has not […]

Cool gifts for the student filmmakers

Film Making

Do you have a student filmmaker in your family or among friends? Here are some essentials that will make for the perfect gift. Whether they’re an amateur cinematographer or film editing fanatic, there’s a gift out there for them that they’ll love. Here’s a list of gifts (for all budgets) to satisfy a student filmmaker’s […]

MAGES Institute of Excellence, Singapore

VR and gaming

MAGES Institute of Excellence is among the leading educational institutions in Asia that provides top quality coaching and skill-set for game designers, animators, and creative computing experts, who wish to work in the Media, Animation and Gaming industry. A post shared by 🐡|epic madfish|🐡@eapelskogart (@madfish_) on Apr 19, 2016 at 11:38pm PDT Located in: Orchard […]

Cable TV is doomed, says new study

video streaming

Streaming services are trying to make cable TV redundant, and they’re having some success. We already knew that much; the only question left is how long the change is going to take, and what pay TV will look like when we come back out the other side. A new survey on streaming TV packages sheds […]

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