Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands: Guide & Reviews

Using a Bookshelf Speaker Stand is another great way of placing your speakers at the right elevation, to get a good surround-sound-like experience. You can always use a stand for your audio speakers, but then that’s not the only way to place your speakers. Though you get several elegant options when it comes to stands, and some of them can be quite sturdy as well, you can also use wall mounts to place the smaller speakers. Skip to the best bookshelf speaker stand on Amazon

Recommended Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Here are some of the best Bookshelf Speaker Stands for your consideration.

SANUS SYSTEMS BF-31B Wood Speaker Stands

SANUS SYSTEMS BF-31B Wood Speaker Stands are 31 Inches high (about 2 and half feet). the Twin speakers are designed to provide a sound foundation for speakers. Furniture-grade appearance, it’s constructed of medium density fibercore to minimize resonance. It provides concealed wire management and comes with neoprene speaker isolation pads. Read more…

VideoSecu 2 Heavy duty Satellite Speaker Stand Mount

VideoSecu 2 Heavy duty Satellite Speaker Stand Mount has various uses – PA, DJ Club. Adjustable Height extends 26.5″ to 47″ (i.e. Bose, Harmon Kardon, Polk, JBL, KEF, Klipsch, Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer and others). Works perfectly with satellite surround loudspeakers from most major manufacturers. Cables concealed via central hole in the provided brackets.

VIVO Universal Floor Speaker Stands

VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands (STAND-SP03B) are perfect for surround sound & book shelf speakers.
Total height from the floor to the top shelf measures 25″. Top shelf measures 6.25” x 6.25” and the base measures 9.5″ x 9.5″.

Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands

The Bose FS01 floor stands are sturdily built designed to support most bookshelf speakers, and elevate your speakers giving you the optimal audio performance. The package includes 2 elegantly designed stands. Read more…. Its compatible with Bose 301 and 201 Direct/Reflecting® speaker systems.

Klipsch XFS Floor Stand – Pair

Klipsch XFS Floor Stand work well with the Icon Series XB-10 bookshelf speaker as well as the XL-23 and XL-12 LCR speakers. These large bookshelf speaker stands are sturdy and designed for solid support. These klipsch bookshelf speaker stands come with high-quality floor spikes and rubber feet to provide stability and minimize resonance on any floor surface.

Atlantic Satellite Speaker Stands

These are excellent speaker stands, suitable more for satellite or surround sound speakers. It’s adjustable (max 50 inches) and allows you to place the speakers at the optimal height. It’s made of durable cast-iron (with black finish) and the design ensures the speaker cables stay out of sight.

Bose Speaker Mounts

Review of Bose Speaker Mounts for wall and ceiling. Bose boasts of some of the most exciting speakers and home theater systems and the best way to mount them is using Bose speaker mounts & brackets. Read more…

More Bookshelf speaker stands on Walmart

Bookshelf Speaker Stands: Guide

Bookshelf Speaker Stands Guide to the best Bookshelf Speaker Stands & Mounts and reviews of the bestselling ones. There are many popular manufacturers of audio equipment, such as Bose, that make excellent bookshelf speakers. In case you own these, you will need good bookshelf speaker stands that not only provide good support, but are also stylish and good looking.

Bookshelf Speaker Stand: Do You Really Need One?

Most of us may have plans to buy a particular consumer electronics product but many don’t take into account the fact that some of the accessories may be required to make the overall experience better. Same applies to a bookshelf speaker stand as well. There are many who have bookshelf speakers and keep it on shelves that they may already have in their room. Many also keep them on their computer stand.

But would it make sense if you kept them on the floor next to your television? Not really, if you want to get the best out of your speakers.

When it comes to Speakers, be it the floor standing ones or the bookshelves ones, placing them at the right height is important if you want to a good hearing experience. If you don’t, even if you speakers are good, you might feel that they are not of great quality.

It’s best to have them at a height of your ear level, when seated. That is where speaker stands help. Some speakers also come with special brackets that allow them to be mounted on the wall to give a different angle to the sound.

And elevation gives proper depth to the sound. Make sure the back of the speakers is not touching the walls, leave some gap behind.

Their primary purpose is to:

  • Place the speakers at the correct height from the floor
  • Control the resonances
  • Avoid any rocking when the speaker is playing music (and hence vibrating)
  • So unless you plan to lie on the floor and listen to music, you’ll need to provide some elevation.

    Some book shelves speakers have ports on the rear which means it needs to be a bit away from the rear wall. You need to check the manufacturer’s specification for the optimum distance from rear and side walls and see how it sounds.

    Speaker Stands

    How to Attach Bookshelf Speakers to Stands

    Here’s how to attach bookshelf speakers to stands. Depending on the type of stand you have, you may have to do the attachment in a certain manner.

    How to Attach Bookshelf Speakers to Stands

    Speaker stands have evolved a lot over the years, and mostly to keep pace with the changing designs of speakers and also to keep pace with modern furniture. Usually bookshelf speakers can be place on a stand in a variety of ways, depending on the sockets and mounts that are available on the back panel of the speakers.

    Depending on the options, the bookshelf speakers can be attached to the stands in various ways.

    1. Some bookshelf speakers come with a pre-drilled socket on the back panel that can connect to speaker stands. These can be adjustment to various heights to best suit your listening environment.
    2. Some speakers also come with keyhole-type mounts that simply fit over the bolt on the speaker stand.
    3. There are a few others that can be locked securely to the stand using a bolt and nut through a bracket that fits over the back of the speaker.

    You need not worry as you will have the instructions on how to do it exactly; it’s fairly intuitive as well. But whatever speaker stand you decide to go in for, just ensure sit is designed to hold the weight of your stereo speakers.

    Flat Top on Speaker Stands

    Most speaker stand designs nowadays come with a flat platform, and you don’t have to do the attachment using any hardware. The speakers will just have to be seated on top of the stand. That’s it! No special hardware attachments are needed.

    If you have kids at home, then ideally should place these bookshelf stands closer to one of the walls, just to prevent the speakers from being accidentally knocked down by the kids.

    This is how to attach bookshelf speakers to stands

    Making Your Own

    Though you might be tempted to make a stand yourself, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

    There is no doubt that you can make one on your own, but any DIY effort could make it look ugly in the house. You can definitely get it done from an experienced craftsmen but it could easily turn out to be expensive, depending on the materials used (wood, metals, or even granite).

    Material such as granite looks cool, are weather proof, and you may even move it to the garden and place a plant on it! But it is going to be quite expensive and heavy.

    So making your own stands can be pretty expensive, especially if you make a heavier one, at times even costing more than the speakers itself.

    What are the Options Available?
    There are so many! In fact you can make one by yourself as well; it’s economical and fun to make a stand yourself. But you need to use the right materials; anything of cardboard may not work, its likely to sag & may not look elegant.

    Some speakers come with brackets so that they can be mounted on the wall. Other best option is to use a good quality Bookshelf Speaker Stand.

    Using Bookshelf Speaker Mounts

    Here are some advantages of using a wall mount:

    • It saves on space, most of the time your guests won’t even be able to notice the mounts.
    • Another good thing about using mounts is that you can keep the speakers out of the reach of kids
    • You can use them as part of a bigger audio setup to get a proper surround sound experience.

    The only drawback, compared to using a Bookshelf Speaker stand, is that you need to set these up on the walls, using tools. But then all the instructions are provided (even the hardware is included) with some speakers; so it should be fairly easy to use a Bookshelf Speaker Mount.

    Choosing the Appropriate Stand

    You need to remember that any sort of vibration from the stands can create resonance which in turn can create noise such as humming/hissing. Though most modern stands take care of that aspect, you need to bear this in mind, in case you intend to make your own stands.

    Adjustable Bookshelf Speaker Stands

    It is preferable to have heavier stands, to avoid vibration. A lightweight stand is more prone to rocking back and forth, so use of cardboard boxes may not work as they can sag and foster vibration.

    The heavier ones, on the other hand, can look ugly and also intrusive in the room, because of the increase in the diameter of the tubes used.

    Extremely thin / spiked metallic stands can be unstable and easily tumble if you have children or dogs; even a light touch is sufficient to make them crash. Not good for your loudspeaker and even for children!

    More Bookshelf speaker stands on Walmart

    Lots of Buying Options

    As most home theater speakers can really look sleek nowadays, stands & mounts are also available in various finishes to match the style and suit most decor schemes.

    The best part is that these “hide” the speaker wires, so you don’t see any clutter at all.

    Most of these stands come with extra-wide base so that it is not easy to topple them. However, in case you have a kid at home, you may want to buy the sturdier ones.

    Even the pedestals on which these speakers are placed are quite wide, for better balance.

    Finally, the rubber feet on both the base, as well as the pedestal, means things stay in place and are not prone to sliding.

    Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands

    What Can You Find

    This is your one-stop solution for all your Home Theater Speakers, Stands & Mounts requirements.

    Find information and reviews of most popular products here. Know how to install Speaker Mounts & Stands.

    Speaker Mounts & Stands
    Not all the stereo speakers will be placed on the walls or on the ceilings. For those that go on the floor, you get a variety of elegant looking Speaker Stands.

    The best speaker stands for bookshelf speakers are height-adjustable, which means you can keep the speakers at optimal height for the best stereo or surround sound. And these are designed to support most satellite or surround sound speakers.

    speaker stands

    The best part is the way the wires are concealed; the support pole and the base keep the wires out of sight by stealthily concealing the wires/cables.

    Speaker Mounts
    Find information on a variety of speaker ceiling / wall brackets that are designed for use with various entertainment systems, such as small home theater & surround sound satellite speakers. You even have choices of bookshelf speaker wall mount / bracket that uses a solid platform with side clamps.

    Though you do get speaker brackets / mounts that can fit speakers of different makes, in some cases it might make sense to go in for wall/ceiling brackets from that particular brand. For example, if you are planning to buy Bose speakers, then it might make sense to go in for wall/ceiling brackets from Bose, as they can complement the finish and will fit in seamlessly.

    But to reiterate, you can use universal speaker mounts if you find them to be cost-efficient.

    speaker mounts & brackets

    Cables & Installation Products
    We will also provide information on the various audio & video cables, speaker wires, and other installation products such as plates, that are available for the above accessories.

    Does Wireless Solve All the Problems

    There is no doubt that having wireless speakers / home theater system can save you a lot of trouble, in terms of managing all the messy wires, since these have several components that need to be connected. You can even show-off to your friends, as it is definitely one of those items that will fill your chest with pride.

    While it enables you to set up the whole thing without the cable problems, you still need to place the speakers correctly for optimum performance.

    Also, it has been seen that many don’t feel comfortable about installing these electronic systems all by themselves. And that is why the user manuals are quite elaborate and you also have access to their support engineers in case you are stuck.

    So feel free to contact the support staff in case you are not getting the best performance, or maybe hire professionals to do the installation in case you own a high-end system.

    speaker mounts

    Home theaters & Speakers

    Home theaters are becoming quite common nowadays, and are a regular fixture in most homes. To exploit these electronics equipment to the fullest, you need to use the best speakers, and that too you need them in multiples. That is where bookshelf speaker stands help to place them at the correct locations and height to get the best possible listening experience.

    A bookshelf speaker is basically a compact sized speaker that should ideally be placed on a raised surface, such as bookshelf.

    Until a few years back, people used to get stands made for these speakers specifically, but then not only was it expensive, it was also quite cumbersome to get it done. And making an aesthetic one would definitely raise the cost, in comparison to the price of the speakers itself.

    Realizing the requirement for suitable furniture, manufacturers started coming out with several choices of speaker stands, including some really good-looking ones. The proliferation of home theaters, LCD / LED televisions means one has lots of choices when it comes to mounts, brackets & stands.

    In fact, there has been a great spurt in the availability of home theater related furniture such as chairs, cabinets, shelves, and more. This is because the high-end home audio/video systems can have lots of components, even the wireless ones, and you really need suitable furniture and accessories to place them properly, and at the same time maintain the aesthetics of the room.

    Satellite Speaker Stands

    What you need will also depend on the size of your living room. Depending on the size of the room, a good home theater may need anywhere from around three to six speakers. Not all of them need to be mounted on the walls or on the ceiling. A couple of them need to be place adjacent to the television, or next to the sofa. And bookshelf speaker stands are perfect for such locations.

    Watch: DIY Bookshelf Speaker Stands using Ikea Parts

    To Conclude

    Even though entertainment systems & furniture have become quite advanced, keeping pace with modern times, bookshelf speakers still have a place at home or in a recording studio. Their advantage is that they occupy very little space, and yet delivers great imaging (something which the floor-standing speakers are unable to do). If you want a really powerful sound system, just combine bookshelf speakers with a good sub-woofer and you have a system that will rock, besides being room-friendly because of the scattered design.

    Read our reviews of the best bookshelf speakers here.

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