Bookshelf Speakers Buying Guide

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bookshelf speakers Guide to understanding Bookshelf Speakers, reviews of the best brands out there, and accessories that you’ll need for these stands.

Although the name Bookshelf speakers suggests these are meant to sit on a bookshelf, the fact is that they can be placed anywhere. Most commonly, Bookshelf speakers are placed on floor stands, or mounted on walls.

What’s a Bookshelf Speaker?

Its a loudspeaker that is meant to be placed on a raised surface, such as a bookshelf. The other more common type of speakers are the floor-standing ones, and the satellite ones that are mounted on walls/ceilings.

A bookshelf loudspeaker, on the other hand, is a compact loudspeaker, generally sold for consumer-grade home audio applications.

In situations (medium-sized rooms), where larger speakers are not practical, bookshelf loudspeakers are the next best thing. They and can be used for listening to music or while watching movies.

These are also used as surround sound speakers to deliver audio with full-range clarity and dynamic bass.

Bookshelf Speaker Uses

Bookshelf speakers are more commonly used in a home stereo setups, as well as for providing the essential building blocks that make home theater systems come alive. They’re also flexible enough to be used as surround sound speakers.

How to Get Better Sound

For the best hearing experience, one needs to ideally go in for the sealed box speakers, which can be floor-standing or the more popular bookshelf speakers.

And though these are popular options, there’s one downside to it…these do take up valuable room space.

The next question that usually comes to the mind is “which is Better?”, Floor-standing or Bookshelf?

Usually, the floor-standing speakers provide better sound fidelity, are available in bigger sizes, are durable, but are also expensive.

Bookshelf speakers are comparatively smaller, but still provides higher fidelity compared to most other types of speakers. They are also elegant looking and suitable for most compact rooms.

Go for Quality

It’s a fact that good quality stereo speakers can make a huge difference, whether you are listening to music on your computer, stereo player, or MP3 Player.

And big doesn’t always mean better in the case of speakers; It’s more about the electronics inside that accurately reproduces the sound. An excellent example is that of the small Bose speakers.

Because of their small size, bookshelf speakers are known for their ability to image very nicely, but most do not produce deep bass and that’s why these are often also matched with a powered subwoofer to get a full range sound, especially in a home theater setup. Bookshelf speakers are also used frequently today as side and or rear speakers in 5.1 and 7.1 speaker configurations.

Bookshelf Speakers: Top Brands & Recommended Products

Speakers are an integral part of any entertainment system today. Though these look quite small in size, they are designed to provide top quality hearing experience. Usually these are placed on bookshelf speaker stands (some are adjustable), so that you get the sound at the desired height.

In terms of choices of materials, you can choose designs that are visually appealing in addition to providing top quality sound. There’s no doubt that these speakers are great (because of their size) and offers a better sound than any iPod/streaming audio dock.

In terms of brands, the more popular ones are from Polk Audio, Sony, Bose, KEF, Klipsch, Magnepan, GoldenEar, JBL, Dayton Audio, Cerwin-Vega, Pioneer, BIC, MTX.

Recommended Products
Here are some great models that look cool will surely fill a room with some incredible sound.

These are passive speakers (they need an amplifier) to drive them. You do get small integrated amps as well that, together with these speakers, can help you build a compact & superb sounding system.

You also get powered speakers (with built-in amps) but that’s a different category.

Polk RTiA1

Polk Audio RTI A1
Unlike many other speakers in this price range, this one has an excellent fit-and-finish, including a gorgeous looking cabinet. The speaker’s greatest strengths are its natural and detailed midrange and the excellent bass extension, considering this size and price. Read more…

Bose 201 V

Polk Audio Monitor 30
The Bose 201 V bookshelf speakers are ideally suited to any small to medium sized room. And with Bose’s proprietary Direct/Reflect speaker technology, you get a full, spacious sound from your entertainment system. You can use it as part of a home theater setup or integrate into your stereo audio system. Read more…

Polk Audio Monitor 30

Polk Audio Monitor 30
The Polk Audio Monitor 30 bookshelf speakers delivers expansive & crystal clear sound, typical of most Polk Audio loudspeakers. These speakers produce impressive sound quality over a wide range of frequencies. Read more…

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR

Not very high in aesthetic appeal, but then Pioneer is known for their excellent sound quality, and these ones (Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers) deliver value as well. These sound good, and is suitable for most budget needs.

Accessories for Bookshelf Speakers

You do get accessories such as stands and mounts to place these at convenient locations. You get elegant-looking stands that not only provide adequate support to the speakers, but also complements most home furniture. They are also designed to conceal the wires that connect the speakers.

Bookshelf Speaker Stands

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Here’s a video that shows DIY Bookshelf Speakers:

To Conclude

When it comes to electronics, it’s not necessary that bigger is better always. In fact, compact systems pack in a lot of power nowadays, and the same applies to these as well. Bookshelf Speakers are perfect for mid-sized rooms or can be used as surround sound speakers as part of a bigger home theater setup.

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