Bose UB-20 (Series II) Wall / Ceiling Bracket

Bose UB-20 wall / ceiling bracket reviewed here. This is a high quality cast zinc bracket, designed for wall mounting Bose cube speakers, allows horizontal and vertical adjustment of speakers. This bracket can only be used with Bose speakers (and that too select speakers) and not with speakers of other brands. Once installation is completed, the speaker mount looks professional matching the Bose speakers. see PRICE.

UB-20 II Compatible Products

All Bose 2-speaker and 5-speaker home entertainment systems (excluding the Lifestyle 650 system). Compatible with select Bose Lifestyle, Acoustimass, CineMate, and SoundTouch systems.

Compatible with: All Lifestyle 5-speaker systems; All Acoustimass speaker systems; CineMate 520 home theater system; SoundTouch Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi music system; CineMate Series II and CineMate GS Series II digital home theater speaker systems.

Bose UB-20 Wall / Ceiling bracket: Pros & Cons

  • Pros: You can direct the sound better (allows horizontal and vertical adjustment of speakers)
  • Cons: Compatible with Select Bose Systems

Bose UB-20 Wall / Ceiling bracket: Review

Bose speakers not only look elegant, they are quite compact too. So even though you could choose any bracket, the ones from Bose are more suitable as it helps conserve space and retains the elegance of these speakers.

Most of their mounts have a neat pivot mechanism that allows both horizontal and vertical adjustment of speakers, so you can direct the sound where you like. It is also quite easy to assemble.

This bracket allows you to swivel your Bose cube style speaker satellites 180 degrees left and right and also to aim the cubes about 30 degrees up or down. You may even use the ceiling extension to mount the speakers from the ceiling. A hole at the back of the bracket conceals the speaker wires.

About Bose Speakers: Bose boasts of some of the most exciting speakers and home theater systems and the best way to mount them is using Bose speaker mounts & brackets. Bose speakers are known for their superior quality surround sound systems; in fact they produce some of the best home theater speakers.

Although you could mount them in various ways using universal stands or mounts, it is only wise to invest in the bose speaker wall mounts to ensure they are placed correctly and provide the best results. Be assured, these will look great on your walls, and classy too considering the way they swivel in different directions.

Bose ub-20 bracket with TV

Wall or Ceiling

You can choose to go in for a wall or a ceiling mount configuration. Switching the hardware from wall mount to ceiling mount is quite easy. You will the instructions on how to do it and they are quite clear and thorough.

Bose Speaker Mounts also give you the option of mounting the speakers on the wall or the ceiling and with or without extender arms.

One thing to keep in mind is that once they are up it is difficult to change the configuration of the setup, as the screws are behind the plate. In case you have to do it, you will have to remove the bracket completely, unscrew the post and then screw it back in and remount the plate.

Bose UB-20 wall ceiling bracket package

Installation Instructions

You are provided a power drill, screws and a screwdriver along with the Bose Speaker Mounts. Just refer to the provided instructions and the installation of these speakers is quite easy.

Bose UB-20 wall-ceiling bracket parts for installation

It’s quite possible that you may need different sized screws to fix the speakers, as it is quite possible that the screws provided in the bracket could be of a different size from what is needed. Though this doesn’t happen often, there is a small possibility of that. But then it is a minor problem; you either return the product and ask for the right one or just get the right sized screws and you will be fine.

The pictorial instruction is quite easy to follow. In fact the speakers virtually “float” where they are placed.

Bose Speakers mounts / brackets

Demo / Video Review

Watch: How to connect the Bose® UB-20 Series II wall/ceiling bracket


Key features:

  • Allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment of speakers
  • Retains the Elegance of the Bose cube speakers
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware to do the installation
  • Installation is a breeze with the pictorial instructions
  • Last and definitely not the least, these look upmarket and professional


  • Product Type: AV Furniture Type Mounting kit – ceiling mountable, wall-mountable
  • Device Type/Mounting Components: Wall Bracket
  • Suitable for: Bose home entertainment systems with 2 or 5 speakers
  • Adjustments: Height, horizontal
  • Recommended Use: Speaker(s)
  • Material: Zinc, Color: Black or White
  • Packaging Dimensions B x H x D (m): 0.16 x 0.05 x 0.25 m

The package comes with the wall mount, an extender and the plate that clips into the actual speaker.


You can always consider going in for generic speaker mounts / brackets, but then most feel that they really don’t complement the Bose speakers, so that is something you need to decide. But there is no doubt that look-wise they are hands down the best looking brackets, and also the easiest to attach the Bose speakers to.

A bit about this brand; they make some of the best satellite speaker systems. Once you have the setup in place, you may have to do some amount of channel tweaking and EQ until you are happy with the overall sound.

Buying Links

Before you decide to buy, check out their prices at various places. These seem to be highly overpriced in retail stores so you can definitely do your wallet a favor by buying them online.

Looks and functions great, also easily adjusts to the perfect angle.


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