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Watch 300 Jedi fight 60,000 medieval soldiers: animation created with Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Jedi vs Medieval Soldiers Battle

Watch 300 highly organized Jedi knights, with lightsabers, defeat 60,000 medieval soldiers with regular swords and shields. The clip is basically an animation video created with the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator and posted on YouTube. Watch: 300 JEDI vs 60.000 FOOTMEN – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Several users have complained that the simulator has not […]

Nigeria believes animation will boost its economy; will train an ‘Army of Animation Professionals’

advice to the young artist animation

Thanks to the fast-growing ‘digital age’, Nigeria believes that animation will provide a major boost to its economic growth in the coming decades. The country’s minister of information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, says Nigeria is committed to growing its animation sector and would invest resources to create a highly-skilled workforce. Nigeria’s N-Power Creative program […]

Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab to do R&D of new technologies and platforms

advice to the young artist animation

Nickelodeon, known for creating content for kids, recently launched the Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab, which will do research and development of new technologies and platforms. Some of the technologies that the lab will be working on include real-time rendering, virtual cinema, virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality, and artificial intelligence. The resulting innovations will eventually have […]

Interactive Dynamic Video

Researchers have developed a new form of animation based on analyzing minute vibrations in video footage. Through close observation of those micro-movements, sufficiently clever algorithms can determine an object’s behavioral characteristics under stress, allowing video footage to be manipulated like a rigged CG model. Watch: Interactive Dynamic Video So now you can scan in any […]

Anime vs. Cartoons: Top Differences Explained

anime vs cartoon

The latest jungle book is running to packed houses around the world. Although its not a fully animated movie, the movie does utilize various traditional animation or computer animation sequences. Most cinema-goers however are unable to differentiate between the various types of animation movies (they don’t have to unless someone is really interested in making […]

‘Loop’ by Michal Socha

Checkout this unique animation film by Michal Socha, 2015. Produced by Kasia Księżopolska and BrosFX. A nicely done video with great drawing style and color choices. The creative work is experimental animation that was made for especially for exhibitions. The film is about the never ending endeavor of people seeking to be ideal. So basically […]