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Top benefits of attending a film-making camp

Film Making

Want to understand how filmmaking works, without having to spend a lot of money? Start with attending a camp on “Film-making or Animation”. Its not only the hobbyists who attend camps, even students from schools and colleges also attend filmmaking camps. Filmmaking camps are of two types: Short film camps for teens and adults (few […]

Awesome Flying Dutchman in Stop-Motion

‘The Flying Dutchman’ is a stop-motion animated adaptation of composer Richard Wagner’s 1843 opera (‘Der fliegende Holländer’). The cool video was chosen as the winner of the Symphonic Storyboards film competition. Later, the piece was screened with live accompaniment by Philharmonia Orchestra of New York at Lincoln Center, and the result is just spectacular. The […]

Best Uses of Color in Film

Besides the camera/equipment, camera angles, lighting, story and many other things, color is also a very effective tool in a storyteller’s arsenal. A great filmmaker knows what colors to paint on the screen to create the maximum impact, be it fiery red, coldest blue, or just black and white. So lets take the color wheel […]

The Movie Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained)

The movie book

A refreshing movie reference that offers an exhaustively detailed primer on the subject. Its full of detailed profiles and colorful infographics on actors, films, genres, and more. The Movie Book contains profiles of 100 of the best movies ever made. It covers genres ranging from classic 1930s film noir and Hollywood romance, to international art-house […]

History of Sound Design in Films

camera microphone

History of Sound Design in Films: Role of a dedicated sound designer in movies. “Motion pictures will do for the eye what the phonograph has done for the ear.” – Thomas Edison There’s a lot of opinion on when actually sound started getting used in cinemas. But many feel that it was far earlier than […]

Jim Jarmusch’s Top 14 Quotes on Filmmaking

jim jarmusch

Jim Jarmusch is a multi-talented American film director (screenwriter, actor, producer, editor, and composer) who has directed several feature films, documentaries, music videos. The master of American indie cinema makes movies motivated by mood and abstract ideas, he likes literature and poetry, jazz and blues, vintage cinema and the analog technologies used to project it. […]

Top Film Schools Around the World


Top Film Schools in the World to learn every aspect of film-making and also to make valuable connections within the industry. In the past, there have been great filmmakers who never went to a film school, some setup video/film production companies without every going to a film school. While its still possible, there are several […]

‘A to Z’ of Animation Explained

anime vs cartoon

Welcome to the first post in an occasional series looking at the ABC of VFX. We have 26 letters to get through, so let’s make a start with “A” for “Animation”. It’s nice to begin with an easy one. Everyone knows what animation is. It’s (1) drawing a picture (2) putting it under a camera […]

The Making of AVATAR

The Making of AVATAR

Checkout behind the scenes footages of the blockbuster film Avatar and learn all about the art of performance capture. Avatar’s Director James Cameron explains how the Motion capture technology works. It could revolutionize the way directors, actors and animators collaborate to create whole new worlds on screen.

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