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Best Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers buying guide & reviews of the best options available to provide storage space for all your audiovisual equipment. Best Entertainment Centers Every home has a television, speakers, and a computer nowadays, which provides entertainment at home to most families. An entertainment center is the best way to keep these equipment organized thus letting […]

Home Audio Systems: Buying Guide

home theater in a box

Home audio systems: Sound bars to stereo speakers to full-blown, amped-up, surround-sound speaker packages. Sound Bars Upgrading your TV sound can be as easy as plugging in a sound bar. The sound bar is a popular and convenient way to improve the sound quality of your television, beyond your TV’s build-in speakers. Its affordable and […]

Bose 301 Series V Bookshelf Speakers

Bose 301 series V-Bookshelf Speakers

The Bose 301 V bookshelf speakers are ideally suited to any small to medium sized room. And with Bose’s proprietary Direct/Reflect speaker technology, you get a full, spacious sound from your entertainment system. Bose is a respected name when it comes to speakers. Bose 301 V bookshelf speakers look stylish, and they are known to […]

MY3D: iPhone 3D Movie Viewer

my3d viewer iphone

MY3D Viewer allows you to experience 3D and 360-degree entertainment on your iPhone. You just have to insert your Apple device into the viewer ad you can start enjoying 3D gaming and 360-degree experiences. The viewer’s thumbholes provide access to your touchscreen, so you can control apps and play interactive MY3D games. You may use […]

Smart phone projector

Smart phone projector

So is there anything that a smartphone cannot do today? How about using it as a projector to watch a movie at home, with friends or family? Yup, even that’s possible. So if you have movies downloaded on your smartphone, don’t watch hit on the small screen of the phone, watch it on a big […]

Best Gaming Glasses for Eye Fatigue

gaming glasses

Best Gaming Glasses to relieve you of eye fatigue. Screens Everywhere Screens (that display something or the other) have become part of our everyday lives. Graphics, news, spreadsheets, videos, movies, playing games, watching youtube videos, we are constantly staring at screens, be it on the laptop or television the screen of your tablet. Now if […]

Decorative Home Lighting Guide

Decorative Home Lighting: Televisions are available in attractive designs nowadays, but then you also need to have the right lighting at home so that it complements the decor well. If you have seen the televisions and entertainment centers of today, you would know that they focus a lot on design & looks as well, and […]

DVD Players & Recorders

Guide to Portable DVD Players Portable DVD players, including single and dual screen players. DVD players have undergone a sea-change in terms of portability and are now stand alone products that come with their own screens. Most new ones also come with their own remote. Now you can enjoy sharp, crisp images and videos with […]

No Sound from DVD Player

No Sound from DVD Player: Read more to know what could be the various causes and how to fix it. There are several occasions when you will get “No Sound from DVD Player”, whether it is from your portable DVD player connected to the television or be it the DVD player on your computer/laptop. There […]

Polk Audio Monitor 30 Review

Polk Audio Monitor 30 bookshelf speakers are made with cutting technology technology that delivers the expansive & crystal clear sound that Polk Audio loudspeakers have become renowned for. These speakers produce impressive sound quality over a wide range of frequencies. A Critically Tuned Flared Port is used to reduce distortion (usually heard at lower frequencies), […]

Best Android TV Boxes

android tv box

Best Android TV Boxes: A TV box is similar to a Roku or an Apple TV (just like an MP3 player is similar to an iPod.) It gets content from your home network or the Internet to your television. Called by several different names In North America, these devices are usually known as Streaming Media […]

Mahogany Cabinets

Here we have aggregated the sales listings of online antiques dealers, and the catalogs of fine furniture auctions, to help you locate great deals on exquisite mahogany cabinets for your home, or as gifts for family. Find mahogany china cabinets and buffets, mahogany display cases, corner cabinets, bookcases, curio cabinets, even music cabinets. These range […]

Best Table Saws

table saw

Every construction project needs its necessary tools to get the job done efficiently and quickly. The right tools can greatly benefit in creating a wonderful and accurate end product. A table saw is one of the basic tools required for any wood work. If you are into construction, you may be well aware of the […]

Portable MP3 Speakers

mp3 player speakers

Youngsters around the world are no longer listening to music from CDs and DVDs; instead they prefer to have their music collection in digital formats such as MP3 and MP4 format (is more efficient and takes less space). No wonder the popularity of MP3 players has increased in recent times. MP3 music is easily stored […]

Home Theater / AV Receivers

Home theater system has grown to be very popular in recent times with millions of people installing great systems in their homes. But what makes it even better is a home theater receiver that allows you to enjoy a steady connection between the audio and video components. You can link up your LED TV’s and […]

Best Blu-Ray Players

If you truly want to enjoy watching a good movie at home or play great games, you just need to buy a good Blu-ray player. Blu-ray has revolutionized and changed the way people watch movies. A good Blu-ray player enhances the video quality considerably to give you an awesome movie watching experience. For more understanding […]

Best Car Speakers, Reviews

Car Speakers

Car Speakers: Almost every car nowadays is fitted with at least a basic entertainment system with decent set of speakers. Almost everybody loves to listen to music (or the radio) while driving, even if its just for a few minutes. No wonder, there’s a huge market for car speakers & entertainment systems. Every modern car […]

Best Computer Speakers, Reviews

computer speakers

Computer Speakers Guide there are many who use their computers for watching movies, listening to music and for playing games. Naturally, a better pair of speakers will only enhance the overall experience. Here’s a simplified guide to choosing the best computer speakers and reviews of the best ones. Essential Buying Guide One of the most […]

Best 3D TV Reviews

Earlier, many people were a little hesitant about buying a 3D TV, and for a very good reason. Most TV shows and films were not made for the purposes of 3D viewing, so once you’ve watched the promotional DVD that came with the television itself, there are limits to its use. However, this is set […]

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