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Top tips to take beautiful photos inside churches

Church Photography

Here are a few things to remember before you visit a church/cathedral for church photography. Photography Gear Telephoto lenses: Helps you get closer to the detail/patterns on the roof. Wide-angle lenses: Great for shooting architectural shots. Macro lens: For capturing close up details Tripod – Note that certain churches/cathedrals stop photographers from using tripods, or […]

Upgrading to a DSLR Camera

dslr camera

Thinking of getting into the world of “DSLR Photography”? Here’s a typical scenario. You have a compact camera and capture some great photos but want more control over its functions. It’s great that such a small unit can achieve such great results but know that that great photo could have been so much better if […]

Best iPhone Camera Lens Kits

iPhone Camera Lens Dial

Here are best iPhone camera lens kits that will help you get the most out of your iPhone’s camera. Ztylus 4-in-1 Lens Kits The Ztylus 4-in-1 Lens Kits make your iPhone cameras even more powerful. Each phone case has a removable 4-in-1 module called the Revolver, which includes wide-angle, macro (10x macro with focusing distance […]

GoPro Dual Camera Case

Gopro dual camera case

GoPro dual camera case can accommodate two GoPro cameras to help you get the perfect shot. Wanted an efficient way to use two GoPro cameras that can film simultaneously so you always get the perfect shot? This GoPro dual camera case will let you do that, this versatile and waterproof case allows you to strap […]

Film Cameras: Buying Guide

film camera brands

If you’re a camera buff or just want to capture few special moments, traditional film cameras can be a great alternative to digital cameras. So why would you want to bey a film camera, when you have the digital option? Its because “Old is the new ‘new’”. Be it listening to music on vinyl albums, […]

How to Use a Point and Shoot Camera

Compact Cameras

What Is a Point-and-Shoot Camera? A point-and-shoot camera is any camera that lets you take pictures fast, without worrying about focusing the lens. Most have built-in flashes and a variety of automatic settings. The lens may zoom in and out, depending on the model, but generally can’t be removed from the camera body. While these […]

How to take good (better) pictures

photographer courses

Here’s an Effective Guide To Taking Better Pictures. Implement these techniques and get rid of those boring snaps right away! This is the place to learn about all those tricks and tips that will help you take better pictures under various circumstances. Use these tips and you’ll be able to turn your pictures into stunning […]

Top Photoshop tips for beginners

photoshop puzzle effect

Want to take your photography to another level? Learn to use Photoshop! Photoshop today is used in almost every creative work – web designing, animation; photography, digital magazine, and more. The software has basically changed the way we give shape to our imagination. Photography today is impossible to imagine without using Photoshop. While Photoshop may […]

Flash Smartphone LED Light

Smartphone LED flash light

Wish you have ways to throw more light on your selfies? Its now possible to brighten your selfies using a Smartphone Flash LED light. This portable light plugs into the audio jack of your smartphone, once done, you’re ready to beam light onto your subject. So never again be in the dark in any photographic […]

iPhone SLR Adapter

iphone slr adapter

No doubt the iPhone has a great built-in camera but if that camera in the iPhone does not serve your purpose (not good enough for you) then you can go in for this iPhone SLR Adapter that will let you mount your favorite SLR camera lens onto your iPhone. So go ahead and take those […]

iPhone Repair School

iPhone Repair School

iPhone’s are not cheap, and repairing them is also quite expensive. Now you can save yourself a fortune on costly and overpriced fixes by signing up for this iPhone repair school. This course will teach you basic technical troubleshooting, provide understanding of common circuits on MacBooks and iPhone/iPads, teach iPhone Data recovery, and also to […]

Digital Photography Basics

photography tips

Digital Photography Basics – Easy to understand definitions, tips & tutorials that will help you nail the essentials of modern day photography. Photography has changed a lot over the years, especially the transition from film to digital. So if you have been longing to take better pictures with your camera, this is the right place […]

Best Bean Bags for Your Camera

Similar to a bean bag that you use at home to watch television, camera bean bags are available for cameras to offer them adequate support and padding. If you’re a photographer then you’ve probably seen one of this, else it’s quite possible that you haven’t seen anything like this before. Choosing a bag for your […]

Sony Digital Cameras (SLR & Cybershot)

Though Canon & Nikon are more talked about when it comes to digital SLRS, Sony is also slowly but surely making its way up there. Their compact cameras as well as the more advanced digital cameras are quite popular. Power-packed, compact and stylish cameras with latest features, Sony has cameras suitable for every lifestyle. Sony’s […]

Poster Frames: Buying Guide

Poster frames are convenient (and affordable) way to present (and even protect) you posters. Depending on the model you choose, these frames can look very stylish as well. You do get poster frames for varies sized posters or prints. Here are important features of poster frames: Can be used for any prints Designed for family […]

Fill the Frame

Filling the Frame is one of the several composition techniques, used in photography, for a better impact. This is just one of the several methods/rules (guidelines would perhaps be a better word) used in photography; feel free to mix it with other rules to get outstanding pictures. What Does Filling the Frame Mean? It means […]

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