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Best Biometric Safe Reviews

biometric safe

Best Biometric Safe Reviews: Instead of keeping your valuable things in the freezer, you can now go high-tech – keep all your cash, jewelry, backup data and even firearms shielded from crooks & other prying hands with one of these biometric safes. Of the several features, a good biometric safe offers quick access and electronic […]

Best Spy / hidden Cameras

spy hidden camera

Best Spy Cameras reviewed here. These hidden cameras record in both audio and video. While you may not need a separate camera for filming small get-togethers’ as most mobile phones come with a decent built-in camera, for certain requirements a hidden/spy camera could definitely be useful. If discretion is your top most priority, then you […]

Chicago police using cutting-edge predictive computer models to curb violent crime

minority report future tech

Remember watching the 2002 feature film Minority Report (based on Philip K Dick’s sci-fi short story)? The author had predicted several technical innovations, like the broad implementation of biometric scanning systems and driverless cars, which are already here. However, the film’s big future tech hook of predictive crime stopping has been a slower burn here […]

Livestream Broadcaster Pro

Livestream Broadcaster Pro

The Livestream Broadcaster Pro allows you to stream live video using any HDMI camera. It takes your camera’s HDMI output, encodes it as H.264 video, and streams up to 1080p over to the Livestream cloud service platform, allowing you to view the video on mobile devices, any web browser, or a Roku-connected TVs. Livestream Broadcaster […]

All About Biometrics


What is Biometrics? Biometrics is a branch of computer science, and among the most recent techniques used for identification and access control. Other techniques also exist but some of them are cumbersome to use and some are more prone to falling in rogue hands. This method relies on identification of humans by their characteristics or […]

Wireless Smart Video Doorbells

smart video doorbell

More and more families are using technology to guard their homes, and a smart door lock is definitely a worthwhile investment when it comes to keeping your house safe. Doorbells are available in various types – Keyless entry systems, smart locks, wireless doorbells, doorbell with video camera and intercom. So what’s the advantage of choosing […]

Solar Power for Home & Office

Solar Power for Home & Office: This is your comprehensive guide on everything related to Solar Panels and other forms of alternative energy. You’ll have answers to all your questions such as “How Much Do They Cost” & “How to Lower Your Solar Power Costs”. Solar & wind are among the fastest growing renewable energy […]

Facial Recognition System: How Does It Work?

Facial recognition systems are computer programs that are used for automatically identifying a person. Research on this technology started in the mid 1960s. This technology works by using several facial features in a person's image and comparing these with existing images in the database. Facial recognitions systems are used as an additional and mass security […]

Best Wireless Home Security Systems

security surveillance cameras

Best Wireless home security systems reviewed here. Currently these are the most popular types of security systems installed by home owners. While there are several types of home security systems, having any type of security system is a major deterrent against intruders, more than the type of system you install. But then wireless do have […]

Best Surveillance Cameras

Many people wait for some incident to happen before realizing that even their house could be target of a robbery, armed theft or home invasion. Only after such incidents, people usually realize the seriousness of securing their home. Most think that surveillance cameras are only for big companies, but the fact is that your home […]