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Cool gifts for the student filmmakers

Film Making

Do you have a student filmmaker in your family or among friends? Here are some essentials that will make for the perfect gift. Whether they’re an amateur cinematographer or film editing fanatic, there’s a gift out there for them that they’ll love. Here’s a list of gifts (for all budgets) to satisfy a student filmmaker’s […]

Here’s why America remains a magnet for animators

animation in VR

Why America Remains a Magnet for Animators: Here’s an interview with Blue Sky studios (most notable for their Ice Age franchise) animator Ricky Renna. Animation industry is growing like never before, not just in America, but in several countries. There are several local employment opportunities for animators in many countries. Having said that, America continues […]

Game Of Thrones 3D Wood Map

Game of Thrones 3D Wood Map

Game Of Thrones 3D wood map, crafted from high quality birch wood. Its a 3D wood map; it displays seafloor contours as well as the various intricate details engraved into the wood. So go ahead and explore the lands of Westeros like never before, using this Game Of Thrones 3D wood map. This Game of […]

Acclaimed British photographer Rankin shares top photography tips


British portrait and fashion photographer Rankin’s top photography tips, gives importance to experimentation and atmosphere. John Rankin Waddel’s photos are now internationally known. He shoots everything from fast cars to fancy women. Rankin has photographed celebrities like the Queen, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Adele. He has shot covers for Elle, German Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and […]

GraphicAudio – Movies in Your Mind


GraphicAudio is an audiobook publishing imprint that includes a full cast of actors, narration, sound effects and cinematic music. GraphicAudio has published hundreds of titles and series in the fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalyptic, comic and western genres. Depending on what type of GraphicAudio movie in your mind you’ve downloaded, the real cinematic soundscape of effects […]

EKEN H9 / H9R Waterproof action camera

EKEN H9 / H9R Ultra HD 4K waterproof sports camera (WiFi, 1080P 60fps) reviewed. Want a portable, waterproof action camera that can take photos and videos underwater? This camera is available at a great price and offers excellent video quality. Video and picture quality is amazing for the price. Accessing the settings from the menu […]

Converting Movie Formats

Converting movie formats is one of the major requirements of all video buffs. Here are various tools available to do that. DVD is still one of the more popular formats today. There are a lot of camcorders which record directly to a DVD. So if you have been looking for an easy way to edit […]

iPhoneography: Beginners Guides, Tutorials & Resources

smartphone photography

Best iPhoneography Resources, Blogs and Websites AMPt Community Art of Mob Creative iPhoneography iPhoneONLY Photography iPhone Photography School iPhone Photography School Life in LOFI/ iPhoneography Today iPhone photography blog (David Pasillas) iPhone Adventures blog Davide Capponi iPhoneography EyeEm (mobile photography blog) MobiTog Mobiography Skipology The App Whisperer Best iPhone Photographers [by Photo Style and Genre] […]

Camera Cables Cords

Camera Cables Cords: Cables play an important role in moving stuff from your camera to the computer. Though most digital cameras come with several built-in editing features and the ability to share your pictures and videos on the internet, a computer is always flexible and easy to work with, especially for detailed editing work. That […]

Best Canon (EOS) DSLR Cameras

Canon is a leading brand and one of the most trusted ones in the world of photography. Their digital SLR cameras are used by professional as well as amateur photographers from around the world. Professional photographers will agree that Canon cameras use cutting-edge technology, in sturdy bodies, and are capable of capturing the best image […]

Bestsellers in Cameras & Camcorders

List of Bestselling Products Here are some products that are quite popular with the video/movie making community, and are recommended by lots of users. Listed are some of the best selling products when it comes to video cameras / camcorders and editing software. In case you are looking for a traditional hand-held camcorder, you may […]

TED Global Fellow 2017 – Filmmakers also can apply

Filmmakers can apply for TED ‘Fellows programs, an opportunity to meet some of the worlds most powerful and innovative people. TED conducts ‘Fellows program’ twice a year to find extraordinary thinkers and doers. Anyone aged over 18-years old is eligible to apply, including those in the entertainment industry. So if you’re a filmmaker, photographer, musician […]

Universal Studios in the U.S. to get Nintendo attractions too

Video game developer Nintendo announced that besides Universal Studios Japan, Nintendo attractions will also be available to U.S.’s Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. The announcement video features legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, father of the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises. Universal Studio’s partnership with Nintendo has a crucial difference from its movie-based tie-ins. […]

Funny Commercial Video

With so many viewers glued to the internet all the time, almost every video out there has a good chance of going viral, if it has the right content that clicks with the audience. Though the topic of this post is NOT “what makes a video go viral”, here’s what a popular video looks like. […]

Top 10 Best Solar Charger Backpacks

Now here’s a solar charger backpack that will recharge your gadgets while on the go. With this backpack at your disposal, you really don’t have to worry about carrying a charger when you backpacking or traveling. Neither do you have to worry about finding an electrical outlet! A solar charger backpack solves both these problems. […]

Manga artists get paid peanuts from film adaptations, says Gintama author

anime vs cartoon

Do manga artists earn big bucks from film adaptations? No, says Gintama author Hideaki Sorachi. Here’s a Q&A section published in one of the volumes of manga Gintama, where author Hideaki Sorachi reveals the saddening state of affairs, when it comes to big screen adaptations. 実写でもおなじなんかな RT — 透司 (@beasty__baby) November 16, 2016 Question: […]

Best Writing Desk Reviews

writing desk

Best Writing Desks that are not only functional but also beautiful piece of furniture. A nice elegant looking writing desk can look both stylish and work as a functional tool as well for all your writing and office work. But the kind of writing desk you choose also depends on your preference. Some prefer the […]

Filmmaking Case for iPhone (6 & 7)

iPhone filmmaking case

With this Filmmaking case (for your iPhone), there’s no need to get expensive camera equipment to protect your iPhone; you just have to pop in your phone and you’re good to start filming with your iPhone. Even though its compact, its sturdy and well made, gives you a much steadier hand while filming. Its easy […]

12-year old makes documentary about Jews and Arabs celebrating holidays together

12-year old makes documentary, titled “Holiday of Holidays”, which is about Jews and Arabs celebrating holidays together. Well, anything that brings Jews and Arabs together in itself would be news-worthy, but the fact that this documentary has been made a 12-year old makes it even more impressive. Watch: Talia Cohen-Vigder’s documentary Holiday of Holidays Its […]

Turkey’s Blooming Animation Industry

Not many would be aware of this but the animation industry in Turkey is growing fast and the country is home to over 30 animation studios belting out feature-length animated films. There are several festivals dedicated to animation, and Turkish animators say this is only the beginning. “Turkey’s commercial animation industry is huge—bigger than even […]

Epson WorkForce WF-2760 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-2760 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer. This printer also includes Scanner, Copier, Fax, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct and NFC. A reasonably priced, versatile printer for your home office. Here’s why you should consider buying the Epson WorkForce WF-2760 printer You get Laser-Quality performance. Laser-quality black text for crisp, professional-quality proposals, reports and brochures. The printer […]

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