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Alien Covenant Flipbook-Inspired Animation

Alien Covenant Flipbook-Inspired Animation

You will be astonished to see the creativity that people possess (from around the world) and they all love to watch films. And when they blend their fascination for films with what they are passionate about, the end-result can be amazing. This is easily proved by Singaporean artist Serene Teh, who loves to create astonishing […]

Awesome Flying Dutchman in Stop-Motion

‘The Flying Dutchman’ is a stop-motion animated adaptation of composer Richard Wagner’s 1843 opera (‘Der fliegende Holländer’). The cool video was chosen as the winner of the Symphonic Storyboards film competition. Later, the piece was screened with live accompaniment by Philharmonia Orchestra of New York at Lincoln Center, and the result is just spectacular. The […]

Touching stop-motion music video made with Yarn

yarn short film

Here’s an ingenious, thought-provoking (and sad) video wonderfully done using just a yarn. It just demonstrates that film-making is all about ideas, you really don’t need expensive things to create great videos. This beautifully created short film uses stop-motion techniques and talks about loss and love (touching and beautiful). Moving On is a stop-motion video […]

What If Earth Had Rings Like Saturn?

Students of Geography would be aware of the ring-system on plants like Saturn. What if Earth had rings like those on Saturn, how would it look like? Checkout this video, where it shows the rings aligned with Earth’s equator, and appearing across the sky from east to west. I guess the rings would also have […]

Most Awesome Solar Energy Commercial EVER

This is probably one of the most awesome Solar Energy commercial EVER made. Talking about double standards, we all hear about these great programs that most governments around the world are undertaking, yet you hardly see any solar panel atop an airport or any municipal building. This really makes you wonder why most governments are […]