Creative uses of color gels in filmmaking

Be it filmmaking or photography, lights play an important role.

When it comes to filmmaking, lights play an integral part in setting the mood in a film. For example, the candlelit drama of Barry Lyndon to the cold fluorescence of Blade Runner. There are many more such examples.

Here’s a quick tutorial from Aputure, where Ted Sim tells us about a number of creative effects that you can produce simply by gelling your continuous light.

From club lighting to a simulated golden hour, you’ll find plenty to spark your imagination.

Here’s the video.

Color gels are great for adding a stylized look in your films, and also for adding a specific tone and mood in your frames, adding visual interests in your shots. The video shows us many other ways you can use gels creatively, and how it can help you light a specific scene.

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