Want to Make a Quick Video? Easy Creation Methods Explained

Create a Video Video Creation Process: Learn the various steps needed to create your first professional looking video. I am sure you realize that making good-looking videos is now within the reach of most amateurs, and doesn’t require you to invest a lot of money. Thanks to digital technology, you can even hope to get into video production some day.

If you have landed on this page, you probably own a video camera already or intend to buy a camcorder soon, and are looking for tips on how to come up with a nice-looking video.

There was a time when most users would use their camcorders only for shooting events at home, such as birthdays, or when they were travelling.

Most still use their camcorders for the same purposes, but with a little bit of entrepreneurial skills, you can use them to much better uses (financially rewarding).

I know people who, armed with decent video cameras (not the most expensive ones) and sufficient knowledge of lighting and how to shoot, have managed to get assignments such as:

  • Shooting for corporate events such as seminars and training
  • Shooting for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • And even for shooting documentaries and commercials
  • Does that not sound interesting? I’m sure it does. So here’s how to get started.

    video creation tools

    What is Video Production

    It is basically the act of creating videos/movies/presentations using a video camera / editing software.

    Depending on what you are shooting, there may be other factors to consider such as the story, lighting, artists, and so on. But any video creation process consists of a few mandatory steps as we will see ahead.

    You may use the video for various purposes. As a beginner you’ll probably shoot videos that are more personal in nature, and watch it with friends and families.

    But you could also shoot business related videos as an amateur, for corporate events, special occasions and celebrations.

    With more experience and contacts, you can venture into other areas as well.

    The Various Steps in the Video Creation Process

    Though most of the camcorder manuals will have some basic information about how to create your video, here is a simple step by step process explaining you the details of video production.

    You can use this process to shoot video of any special event that you wish to record, and store on a DVD.

    Step 1: Buying Your Video Equipment/Software

    For creating your own videos, you will need video creation tools like camcorder, capture card, computer, and editing software. You will have lot of choices, in terms of brands as well as prices.

    For more information, you can go through my guide on selecting good digital video equipment.

    Step 2: Shooting/Recording Your Video

    Once you have video equipment in place, the next thing is the shoot/record video. You can go through this guide for shooting a quality digital video. It talks about basic video shooting skills (lighting, zooming, hand movement, etc.) that you need to be aware of while shooting.

    Video Creation

    Step 3: Capturing Your Video on Computer

    So now your camcorder has the recorded video. Next step is to take the video onto the computer. For this you will need a piece of hardware.

    If your video is in analog format, you will need an analog-to-digital conversion device to capture the video on the computer. If the video is in digital format, then you just need a Firewire card to stream video into your computer.

    For more information, you can refer selecting video capture equipment.

    Step 4: Editing Your Video

    Once you have the video on your computer, you have the option of polishing it further using video editing software packages.

    There could be some frames within the video that you would like to delete or you may want to add a soundtrack. A software editor will let you do this. Besides, video editing software also let you add special effects, transitions and titles.

    For more information, you can refer my article on selecting video editing packages.

    Stage 5: Sharing Your Video

    how to create a video

    The final step of course is to Share Your Video.

    If you are satisfied with the final edited version of your video, it is time share it with your friends, relatives or even the world.

    You can put it on a DVD, VCD, Blu-ray disc, or share it on video-sharing websites.

    Most of the editing software will let you write your final edited video on a DVD / VCD.

    If you need flexibility to write videos to various kinds of discs, or export your video in various formats, you can even use a good authoring packages. You can read more on various ways to share your video here.


    This is the video creation process in simple steps, which will let you create your own videos. Nothing much to it actually! Play around with the various steps for some time and you will be an expert in no time.

    Though it looks simple, depending on what you’re shooting, these steps can get quite bigger or complex. Also, the more you know about the equipment, the more features you can use.

    Besides, video shooting and editing can involve lot of learning, especially if you want to get good at it. There are several techniques that you can learn on this site on how to shoot better, and also on how to edit better.

    Over time you’ll start understanding the intricacies of video production better, but the video creation process would more or less remain the same as outlined here.

    Recommended Books
    Books: To learn more on digital video creation, I would recommend you take a look at one of these books.

    1. Little Digital Video Book by Michael Rubin (Author)
    2. DV Filmmaking: From Start to Finish by Ian Aronson (Author)

    Also Read: Best Books & Magazines on Digital Photography, Video & Film Making

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