Digital Photo Frames: Buying Guide

Digital photo frames come in many colors, sizes and resolutions. Each photo frame is unique based on the features that it offers. You can check out the top photo frames available today.

Digital Photo Frame: Top 5 Reasons to Use It

Digital Photo Frames: What to Look For Digital Photo Frame: Here’s why you should use one.

You may have noticed that digital photo frames are becoming a permanent fixture in many households, as more and more people proudly display a digital photo frame for others to see their picture perfect & happy family.

Although selecting the frame is a crucial part of owning a digital photo frame, the fun comes seeing all your favorite pictures appear in the frame.

The digital photo frame is a great way to bring your photos and videos to life without requiring a computer, and you can set it up in seconds. Just load the pictures in the memory card and your pictures will be brilliantly displayed with print like quality on best resolution.

digital photo frames

Here are some more uses of a digital picture frame.

  1. You can set your picture frame to display your favorite photos
  2. Though you can select one photo at a time, you may put the frames on slideshow mode where you can view one picture after another (you can specify the delay).
  3. Its digital, so loading your favorite photos in the frame is easy
  4. The better Digital photo frames allow you to display pictures at a higher resolution
  5. Photo frames are a fabulous way to decorate your house and also to make a statement.
  6. Photos and videos should be seen and enjoyed, not just stored on your computer.

With a electronic picture frame, you can choose to have it display only one photo or create a slideshow of your favorite shots of your family, your new launch product and play any video clip you like.

To see the best digital photo frames available today, check out our reviews to compare the best digital frames. You can also view other articles on digital photo frames to learn more about the products.

Top Digital Photo Frames

Here are some of the top best-selling digital photo frames:

NIX 12 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor ReviewNIX 12 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor & 4GB Memory
The NIX 12 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame can be used to display images as well as play videos. The frame has built-in sensor that activates after sensing movement and starts to play either photos or videos. Comes with 4GB memory.

Why bother with the fuss of turning your frame ON or OFF again with a motion sensor! Plug & Play Simplicity. Perfect for Home and Professional commercial use. Photo, Video (mp4 & avi), calendar. 12 inch Screen, 4:3 ratio – perfect for photos, Huge 4GB Thumb Portable Drive Memory, SD & USB Sockets. Wall Mountable (VESA 75 x 75mm)
Great gift idea. Full customer service including file and video compatibility advice.

NIX X08D 8 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion SensorNIX X08D 8 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor
This one is a smaller sized frame but comes with all the features. Why bother with the fuss of turning your frame ON or OFF again, the Motion Sensor automatically turns the frame on and off when you enter or leave the room.

Key features: High Quality IPS LED, Display Size: 8 inches. Backlit 800 x 600 pixels Hi Resolution Panel with LED Backlighting (4:3 ratio). Photo, Video (plays MP4 and AVI only), MP3 Music, Auto Rotate Sensor and Split Screen Image Option. Bluetooth support: No. Remote Control, Accepts SD/SDHC Cards, USB Stick / Thumb Drive. Windows PC Compatible only. Full 1yr Warranty.

Sony DPF-D820 8-Inch SVGA LCD Digital Photo FrameSony DPF-D820 8-Inch Photo Frame
The Sony DPF-D820 8-Inch SVGA LCD (4:3) Digital Photo Frame displays your favorite photos & videos with the easy-to-use 8″1 LED backlit digital photo frame. View your motion jpg videos with audio. There’s room to store up to 4000 of your best photos.

Key Features: 8″ SVGA LCD screen. 2GB internal memory (store up to 4000 pics). Video & music playback. Wide choice of slideshow viewing modes. Auto orientation. Multiple direct card slots. Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.9 x 1.1 inches ; 1.3 pounds.

Micca M1503Z 15-Inch 1024×768 High Resolution Digital Photo Frame
The Micca M1503Z 15-Inch Digital Photo Frame comes With 8GB Storage Media, has a built-in Auto On/Off Timer, MP3 and Video Player. Displays all your photos and videos with incredible clarity. Its easy to use as well, just load the included 8GB storage media with your favorite photos, insert the storage media into the photo frame, and the slideshow will automatically start.

Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame allows you to transfer the photos and videos through Wifi, thus allowing many more users (especially the technologically-challenged) to use this product. Pix-Star provides you with several convenient ways to transfer pictures to the photo frame, the easiest one being to send pictures as an attachment by email (photo-mails) to the frame’s own and dedicated email address.

What to Look For?

While buying a digital photo frame, its important to look for the following:

Make sure the frame that you choose has features such as support for various image formats, remote control, adequate internal memory, good resolution and aspect ratio. The wider the variety of features, the more the frame will fit a variety of needs. So in addition to making sure each frame provides the highest resolution and the best aspect ratio, we found frames with several other features that you may not be able to go without.

Choose a frame that has a design that will complement your home decor. Do you need a frame with a stand or one are you going to hang it on the wall? Do you want to display your photos in portrait or landscape views? What about in both? Do you want it to be powered by batteries or plug into the wall?

If you’re shopping for a digital photo frame, you may already have a particular use in mind – so it’s important to consider its design. There are plenty of features to take into consideration, and these are the elements we looked at in the design category. If the frame provided more options, it received a higher ranking. In addition to design options, this category takes into consideration the durability and the overall design of each frame.

Ease of Use
Most digital photo frames are more or less similar to use; the way you load the pictures on them are similar. Some have a PC connection and internal memory while others provide only card reading capabilities.

Help & Support
Ideally, you should not face any problem with such products, but its better to buy a product from a reputed manufacturer. Checkout for support options such as user manuals, product warranties, etc.

Now there’s a better way to display all your favorite photos on the walls of your home. Digital photo frames allow you to display all your photos in one place. Most of these frames are easy to use, and they offer a variety of options. Check out our reviews to find the best digital picture frame for you and your home.


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