UAV & Drone Parts & Components

Drone parts & componentsNeed spare parts for your drone? Has something gone bad, or crashed your drone and need replacement parts? Here you can buy drone parts and components, including propellers, motors, servos, lip batteries and chargers at competitive prices.

You can also buy gyroscope modules, crash packs (for those inevitable accidents), extra batteries, and more here.

You can even build your own unique drone. You get drone building kits (or you may even buy individual components) for hobby or AP Aerial Photography. There are many great resources online that cover the fundamentals of drone building.

Basic parts & components of a drone / UAV (in case you decide to build one):

  • Frame: Keeps everything together
  • Motors: For a quadcopter, you need four motors. For tri-copter, you need 3 motors. In general, you need a motor for every blade.
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC): Every motor requires low voltage input. Usually your battery is 12V so the ESC is used to limit the voltage. Its connected between a motor and a flight controller.
  • Flight Controller (FC): This is the brain (the main chip) that gets the drone in the air. It connects your motors, your GPS (if any), with your battery and your receiver. The FC determines how much every motor must spin, and passes the information to ESC, which in turn decides how much voltage it must send to the motors.
  • Power Distributor: Chip that takes input power and distributes it to 4 or 8 outputs.
  • Battery: Provides the power needed to fly the drone. The biggest problem with most drones is the flight time. You will also need a charger for your battery.
  • Remote Control: You may buy this one.

Watch: Various parts and components of a drone.

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