Film Schools Start Teaching VR filmmaking

  • Increasingly affordable virtual reality technology is making it easier for students to put viewers in their shoes via filmmaking projects, according to The Hechinger Report.
  • Typically, VR video equipment used would cost in the range $350, but the Digital Promise Global offshoot covers the cost for schools via the Oculus VR for Good initiative.

Future of VR in Filmmaking

Virtual reality filmmaking has now captured the attention of even the elite filmmakers in Hollywood. Top Hollywood director Christopher Nolan says that he’s open to filming in virtual reality.

Nolan even compared VR’s relationship with traditional filmmaking to video games. “It’ll be its own medium. I never get asked anymore, ‘do you think video games will kill movies?’ 10 years ago I was asked that all the time. They’re two different mediums.”

Virtual Reality (VR) in Class Room

Virtual Reality (VR) companies like Jaunt and Oculus are taking virtual reality to the class room; they are conducting Master Classes and workshops to teach rules of this new revolution in filmmaking. Here are some takeaways from the workshop that was conducted at New York University on VR filmmaking.

Watch: LA REELS Teach @ VR Film School – in Virtual Reality – Ricoh Theta S

Saschka Unseld, the creative director at Oculus Story Studio, says: “When you film in VR, you aren’t making movies. You’re making worlds.”

Class in session
As part of the Master Classes, Oculus will get guest speakers to explain to budding filmmakers how they made their own VR films.

“The structure of it will explore the technology in terms of viewership but also explore how to film, shoot, and light for a virtual story.”

Writer/director Eliza McNitt, a graduate from Tisch, McNitt and collaborating with The Hubble Telescope on a “VR exploration through space.” says VR is more a process of discovery, one that is limited only by how quickly the technology can catch up to the ideas we all have.