Best Floor Standing Speakers, Reviews

Best floor standing speakers reviewed here. Got yourself a nice, high tech home theater at home? Make sure you get effective speakers as well so that you can feel as if you’re part of the action while watching your favorite shows or movies or while tuning in to music. While floor standing speakers are much larger compared to the more common book shelf speakers, the quality of sound offered by floor standing speakers is much better. If you’re after better quality sound, and have room (for a tall speaker) in your living space, then one of these floor speakers will be the perfect complement to your music collection, home theater, or gaming center. We’ve reviewed moderately priced speakers that produce great output, and also high-end units that will appeal to the true audiophiles. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work. Skip to the best floorstanding speaker on Amazon.

Floor Standing Speakers

Types of Floor Standing Speakers

  • Dynamic floor speakers are the more popular type of floor standing speakers available on the market today. Besides recreating the sound well, these speakers will make you feel as if the audio is being played right before you in the same room.

    Dynamic floor speakers have distinctive parts that play unique tones: The low tones are played out with the sub woofer also known as the woofer. A speaker cone plays the mid-range sounds as well as the top tones are actually played out by way of the tweeter.

    Dynamic floor standing speakers can be expensive though.

  • Electrostatic speakers are another type of floor-standing speakers that generate sound by sending high voltage over a membrane within an electrostatic field.

    These are reasonably priced, reproduce sound wonderfully at high decibel levels without much distortion. However, electrostatic speakers do not produce the deepest bass audio. If that’s not an big issue for you, do consider these speakers for your home theater.

  • Planar speakers use a thin membrane to create a three-dimensional sound. Technological limitations (besides requiring mor epower) make planar speakers difficult to use in home theater applications.
  • Horn speakers are best suited in cinema applications and recording studios. These are the speakers of choice for installations behind perforated screens, as they are highly efficient compared to traditional speakers and therefore will play loudly enough to make the behind-screen application sound good.
  • Ribbon Speakers: In this case, “ribbon” refers to using a thin ribbon driver, along with other, normally dynamic drivers to create the three-dimensionality and characteristic sound found in planar or electrostatic speakers without sacrificing power and dynamics.
  • Bi-polar Speakers
    Bi-polar speakers fire both from the front and the back. Planar and electrostatic designs are bi-polar, which helps to create their distinctive three-dimensional sound. Bi-polar rear and side-channel speakers have been in use in THX-certified theaters for more than a decade.

Watch: Floorstanding speakers in action, deliver phenomenal performance

As you can see, there are floor-standing speakers available for every application. Good thing is that these are also available in exotic designs nowadays.

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