Folding Portable Lightbox Studio for Smartphone or DSLR Photography

Here’s an interesting product – a portable studio (that also folds) that you can use to shoot quality pics anytime, anywhere.

Its easy to showcase your skills to the world nowadays, by sharing pictures and videos that display your skills. But its important for those images to look good.

There are several products out there that help you take great pictures/videos; here’s one such useful product.

Your personal studio
The Foldio mini photo studio is a pop-up studio (compact in size) with white walls and built-in LEDs to provide the right amount of light under any conditions.

Its foldable
Its easy to set it up (almost instantly), and it stays in place with the sturdy magnets. And once you’re done taking the pictures, the photo studio just folds flat like a pancake.

You get a couple of varieties:

  • The Foldio pops up into a 10 inch cube.
  • The Foldio 2 makes a 15 inch cube with an extra row of adjustable LEDs and an included light diffuser.
  • Use the included black, white and gray backdrops to take great pics of food, craft projects, or your pet.
  • You can also make your own backdrops (using paper or fabric)
  • Use the Foldio App to get a green screen effect (no special green backdrop required); make stop motion videos .

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