Gaming Consoles: Buying Guide & Reviews

What are the various factors that you should consider before buying a Video Games Console.

What Factors to Look For in A Video Games Console

What is a Gaming Console?

A game console, video game console, or console is basically a gaming box or device designed to play video games, by connecting the console to a television or similar audio-video system (anything that can display video and play sound).

Gaming Console Features

Consoles nowadays are powerful, and you can expect the following features:

  • Spectacular graphics: High quality visuals for the latest TVs (4K, and so on). Visuals are more realistic, vivid and truer (similar to what we see in the real world).
  • Ultimate performance: Packs more power, beefed-up CPU, that gives you awesome combination of great graphics and processing muscle.
  • Extraordinary entertainment: Video streaming services (in amazing resolution, stream movies, YouTube app.
  • Enhanced gameplay: Fast, smooth, super-sharp on-screen action.
  • Ultimate Share Play and Remote Play: The top models allow you to share or stream your games in stunning details.
  • More connections: Wi-Fi modes, output to TV (via HDMI), USB port…connect to a wide range of devices.

Popular Gaming Consoles

Today, you have the option to choose from several advanced video gaming consoles, with advanced 3D effects, that make playing games on these gadgets truly entertaining.

Popular examples of consoles include the Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii.

These make high-spec consoles that deliver the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience, and provide spectacular graphics.

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The biggest challenge for you as a consumer is which video games console should you purchase for yourself.

Here are few factors to consider before purchasing a video gaming console.


Price is the major factor that one must consider while purchasing any video gaming console. Price of the gaming console you wish to purchase should be within your budget, although there are other various factors which help you to decide whether the console is just right for you or not.

There are hundreds of online stores that present an excellent range of these technical video gaming consoles. The prices range from a small amount of around $50 to a high of $600. So, you can choose the right one that fits in your budget. The entire price range for all the consoles is displayed along with the images. This helps you to pick one that is affordable to you and suits your wants.


The video games consoles that are available today are so technically advanced that when you play any game on such video consoles you experience the real fun and excitement . Thanks to the graphics that let you to take the whole fun in the game. Handheld consoles have different graphical effects, whereas, consoles that are played on your system or television sets give you a completely new experience. It’s your decision which one would you prefer.

Game CDs

The other main factor which may help you to make a right purchase of your favorite video games console is the number of games that you can enjoy playing on your console. Some consoles have obligations to play certain types of games so you need to be confident that you can play your favorite games on that particular gaming console which you are thinking to buy.

Additional Features

Most of the advanced video gaming consoles have some additional features that allow you to play the games the way you want to play. Like you can use cheat codes in some consoles which help you reach your goals conveniently. Well there are some gaming consoles that restrict you to use cheat codes. So, you must understand about these applications also. The handheld video game consoles are mobile as well as the touch screen feature allows you to reach quick menu, however, some other consoles that aren’t portable, nor will you find touch screen feature and these wont be useful for you as you need a small portable gaming console . Hence, pick a gaming console wisely because you are going to put in your hard earned money.

Summing it Up

These are just some of the things that will surely help you focus better on what sort of video gaming console you want. However, in most cases, the ones with amazing features usually cost a lot more. Also, for some consumers, portability is more important than features, so these are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy the best video game console.

Complete History Of Gaming Consoles

Its not that only kids and teens are interested in playing games; lot of us did play games as teenagers and are now matured adults but still have the same passion for gaming.

Do you recollect the time when PS1 introduced 3D gaming for the first time?
X360 completely changed the way people used to play online gaming.

Here’s going back in time and see how the games (and the gaming industry) has evolved over the years.

So which is your favorite game from yesteryear?