Giger’s Alien Life-Size Head Prop Replica

CoolProps present the Giger’s Alien Head Life-Size Prop Replica, approved by H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland.

This mysterious creature, also appeared in the 1979 movie, “ALIEN”. The monster created by H.R. Giger haunts fans with its name and appearance still to this day (Hans Rudolf “H.R.” Giger was a Swiss surrealist painter, whose style was adapted for many forms of media).

Alien head measurements are 15.74″ high x 35.82″ long, and it comes with a hefty price tag – $1,800. At printing, it was available for pre-order (with a monthly installment payment plan).

Its expected to start shipping in December 2017 (probably they should have timed it for the Alien: Covenant release).

So would you be interested to add this monster from Sci-Fi movie history to your collection?