GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Mount for Camera

Gopro dog harness mount

Now you can use your GoPro or any other camera to capture the world from your dog’s perspective – be it for running and jumping, to sniffing, digging and more. The GoPro Fetch Dog harness mount attaches on the back and chest of your dog.

The harness is easy to attach and remove, is fully adjustable and can fit small, medium and large breed dogs from 10 – 120 lbs. (7 – 54 kg). The chest mount can be removed to accommodate smaller-sized dogs.

The harness is padded at all adjustment points, to ensure your pet’s comfort at all times the harness is on.

The harness is water-proof, can be used in pools, water bodies, mud and more. You may hand-wash it or even clean it in washing machine.

GoPro attached to a German shepherd dog

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