Hard Camera Case: Foolproof Protection

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A hard camera case is one of the most secure ways of transporting your photography equipment. You will see celebrity photographers use these the most.

Most professional photographers shoot under harsh conditions, travel a lot, and have expensive camera equipment. No wonder, they are worried about providing safety for their equipment.

Want the best possible protection for your gear?

You can consider the hard body cases. These are usually made of metal and can be fully waterproof.

People associated with the entertainment industry, musicians and photographers, use hard cases to transport their expensive equipment.

These are the safest and the toughest option that you could have for your gear, and you don’t have to use these cases just for your camera, you can use it to store any expensive piece of electronics.

Want to pack in your Canon or Nikon camera and lenses? Or perhaps your GoPro Hero camcorder and accessories? Or perhaps any other electronic item? These can be used for any of these, and the best part is that these are the toughest cases out there. These are almost indestructible.

And it is not that these are tough only from the outside, on the inside these come with foam interiors which can be cut to suit your gear’ sizes and requirements. So this ensures, the best possible protection while transporting.

Pelican Pelicase Review

Pelican Pelicase Review / Best Price Pelican Pelicase reviewed here.

The Pelican Pelicase is rock solid so you don’t have to worry about the case getting crushed and crushing the camera. Pelican has indeed mastered the art of making the toughest, waterproof cases.

And how is it constructed from within?
The case comes with a three piece foam set that consists of one “egg crate” like foam upper section, one Pick ‘N Pluck foam section and another 1″ thick blank bottom foam section.

And talking about its toughness, it is made of high impact material, it is watertight and airtight, no dust or water can penetrate it, it is chemical resistant and corrosion proof case.

It also comes with a built-in purge valve for changes in altitude or temperature.

The interior Dimensions (inches) are: 16.75 x 11.18 x 6.12

Pelican Pelicase Review

What about accessibility?
There is no doubt you can provide the best protection to your camera gear with these cases, but it may come at the cost of accessibility, and that too by a small margin.

But at times, you have to go for a balance between having access to the gear, and providing safety. So with the foam around, it could take a while to get to your gear, set it up and capture a photo, but if you main intention is to provide the best safety, then this is the case for your camera.

What about the brand?
This is definitely a brand that everybody trusts, when it comes to making tough cases.

It’s no wonder that the pelican pelicase is a regular choice for many people when it comes to their camera and electronics gear.

Pelican 1200 Case with Foam for Camera (Black)

Made with Copolymer Polypropylene, and solid wall construction, this case is stronger and lighter that the competition. It comes with the distinctive “twin-ribbed” top surface. Stainless steel pins are used for hinges and handles. The new Double-Throw latches are much easier to open.

Xit XTHC40 Medium Hard Photographic Equipment Case (Black)

Xit Professional Medium Hard Case features an aluminum alloy frame with steel corners and high impact ABS plastic side panels. It has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap and foam inserts for easy customization.

Smatree SmaCase GA700-2 Floaty & Watertight Gopro Case

Perfect for protecting your GoPro Cameras and accessories. Made of ABS materials, SmaCase protects your equipment from damage, humidity and dust. Case features double-layer structure, and cut foam interior on the top layer provides additional space and also keeps things well organized and protected.

GoPro HERO4 Hard Shell Case

Stylish protective gear for your GoPro camera and accessories. The interior features laser-cut highest-grade EVA foam, the hard-shell protective case adds an extra layer of protection from bumps and bruises. Additional interior zippered mesh pocket enables you to carry cables and other accessories.

BIRUGEAR Hard Shell Eva Compact Camera Pouch Case

Available in various colors, the BIRUGEAR Hard Shell Eva Compact Camera Pouch Case si perfect for smaller cameras and accessories.

Recommended Hard Shell Camera Cases

Are there any downsides to these?

  • Some of these can be heavy, and that is why some of them come with wheels so that it is easier to drag.
  • They can also be expensive compared to the other types of camera bags.
  • Check out some of these quality, hard camera cases for transporting your photography equipment in the most secure way.