Home Theater Design Ideas: Where & How to Place the Various Components

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Home Theater Design

Home Theater Design: Ideas that will fit the space you have, and also your budget. Know about the various components and what it takes to put them all together. Get answers to all your queries regarding installing a home theater setup.

Almost everybody aspires to have a good home theater at home, to get the best cinematic experience. And while most can afford a home theater nowadays, many do have space constraints at home.

So when it comes to deciding on the best home theater design, there are a few decisions that you need to make, such as:

  • Where / which room do you want to set it up
  • How much space you can spare for it
  • What home theater furniture would suit well
  • And the budget of course
  • How Much to Spend?

    This is more of a personal factor, and will vary from person to person.

    But the point here is that you can always build your personal home theater piece by piece over a period of time, if you don’t have the budget to buy everything at one time.

    How Much Free Space Do You Have?

    For those who live in the heart of cities, space can be constraint.

    In fact, I personally know of many who have split up their living room to have separate areas for dining, for their home office, and for their home theater.

    Though many of you may find it a bit difficult to relate to, the fact is that in most densely populated cities, most home owners choose to use the limited space that they have in this manner.

    So you may want to keep your home theater at the corner or towards one side of the main living room.

    The good thing is that most home theaters have become compact in size, and televisions have become slimmer. So it is possible to find an appropriately sized flat screen HDTV and a home theater to fit in your room.

    Home Theater Designs

    Where to Put It?

    This is also somewhat related to the above.

    Assuming if you have the entire room to yourself, you can easily setup a system, where you have a large screen on one wall and speakers beside it. On the opposite wall, you can install the surround speakers. You can place the sub-woofer in a corner, and a home theater projector on the ceiling.

    You are now ready to experience a true cinema-theater like experience.

    But in case you have space constraint, then you have to carefully look at the areas in the room, be it on the floor, or on the wall, or even on the ceiling where you can place the several a/v components to get the best possible experience.

    Then there are other factors you have to think of such as:

  • Will the outside traffic noise hamper the sound?
  • Will the sun affect your viewing experience in any way?
  • Will the volume (especially from the woofer) disturb others around?
  • and so on

    Type of Furniture

    This is more for comfort, and to organize the various audio/video related things that you may have, such as DVDs and so on.

    It may not directly affect the sound or picture quality, but it can definitely make the overall experience much better.

    Furniture includes everything from entertainment centers, stands, mounts, and even home theater seating, which is why it makes sense to think about your home theater design.  

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