How to take good (better) pictures

Here’s an Effective Guide To Taking Better Pictures. Implement these techniques and get rid of those boring snaps right away!

This is the place to learn about all those tricks and tips that will help you take better pictures under various circumstances. Use these tips and you’ll be able to turn your pictures into stunning photos!

Most of the advice given here on how to take good pictures is for taking photographs using a single lens reflex (SLR) camera, however the basic concepts (composition layout, rule of thirds) remain the same and can apply to other cameras as well.


When it comes to composition, using the rule of thirds is the most popular rule to follow. Here, you split the scene in 9 equal parts, and the points where the lines intersect is where the points of interest in the photograph should ideally be located.

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Clicking Portraits

Most camera users are interested in portrait photography; that’s what they click the most – ‘portraits’. When clicking portraits, the main thing to remember is to focus on the subject’s and not on the background. Its recommended that you take more of head and shoulder shots.

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Capturing Landscapes

This is another area that interests photographers; they want to click good pictures of a landscape (while travelling or on holidays). Because the landscape has to be clearly seen, wide angle lenses are commonly used (not available on most point and shoot cameras which makes them unsuitable for capturing good landscape pictures).

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There’s lot more to learn in photography, but these are the basics of how to take good pictures.

If you’re still not sure about the basics of using a camera, such as aperture and shutter speed yet, you should first read the basics of Digital Photography.

I’m sure you know that some photos come out so much better than others, and now you’ll know the reasons why. These practical and creative tips will help you transform your snaps into wonderful, professional looking photos!