iPhone for Filmmaking: Tips and tricks for mobile filmmaking

Why iPhone for Filmmaking

Here’s why you should consider using an iPhone for filmmaking.

  • The iPhone can be used as a stealth camera, no-one will notice you’re filming with it
  • It’s great for documentaries and guerrilla filmmaking.
  • You can carry your iPhone based filmmaking kit in your pocket.
  • You get varied lenses for iPhone

Downsides to iPhone Filmmaking

  • Due to its size, the sensor is smaller, which mean low light video will not be great.
  • Because its not built like a camera, handholding can be awkward (especially for longer durations).
  • No eye-level viewfinder means you have to hold them out in front of you.
  • The lens don’t zoom (actually that’s an advantage for beginner filmmakers who won’t be tempted to zoom in and out frequently)

iPhone Filmmaking Kit

Is possible to spend lots of money on iPhone filmmaking kit, and it can get big and bulky, thus negating its advantages (better to get a ‘real’ video camera in that case).

So if you wish to use iPhone for film-making, start-off with a filming kit that is small and affordable.

Watch: iPhone Filmmaking tips & tricks

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