iPhone for Gaming, on its way to bcoming the best gaming phone

iPhone is slowing inching towards becoming the best gaming phone (its also a great gaming handheld device), thanks to some really useful improvements.

iOS First for App Developers

Irrespective of what most think about the Android/iOS divide (hardware or software), most developers still take an iOS-first approach for app development. Developing for iOS is lucrative overall, as iOS developers have to consider only a handful of processors and screen sizes, so the gaming apps are better optimized, compared to Android apps.

So when it comes to mobile gaming (in the real world), Apple seems to be triumphing over its Android competitors.

The Massive App Store

Android has lots of games, but it still cannot match the offerings of the App Store, especially in terms of games. Several “graphics showcase” titles continue to push the frontier, and several indie games are available every week.

Another advantage is that it doesn’t cost much to buy a game and see how it is.

Die-hard fans of iOS devices say that when it comes to Gaming, the iPhone will any day beat its competition.