Top Photoshop tips for beginners

Want to take your photography to another level? Learn to use Photoshop!

Photoshop today is used in almost every creative work – web designing, animation; photography, digital magazine, and more. The software has basically changed the way we give shape to our imagination.

Photography today is impossible to imagine without using Photoshop. While Photoshop may not turn a bad photo into a good one, it can turn a good photo into a masterpiece. Besides, learning Photoshop can help you in any digital workplace.

Here are some useful Photoshop tips for beginners (things that you should start learning as a beginner).

  • Learning Keyboard Shortcuts – It helps you speed up things and work faster
  • Learn to enhance Color (Saturation versus Vibrance). Vibrance increases the saturation of less saturated colors (avoids yellow and orange skin tones) and works best for portraits. Saturation increases the intensity of all the colors in your image equally (may not work great for portraits)
  • Learn to add a Vignette (technique to darken the edges of your frame so that the eyes are drawn moreeasily towards the subject – works best when the subject is in the center)
    Learn to add Sharpness (makes your image look more detailed) and Details

  • Photoshop Filter Gallery: Filters are used to achieve certain special effects or looks.

Useful Links

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