Pixelatl Festival: Gathering Spot for Mexico’s Animation Industry

Want to know where Mexican animation is headed, there’s no better place to find out than the Pixelatl Festival. The multi-faceted event offers screenings, workshops, a market, and an expo over a week.

What is the Pixelatl Festival about?
The festival and conference brings together Mexico’s animation industry(studios, creative artists, animators, video game artists, illustrators, and writers.)

The objective of Pixelatl is to help the animation industry in Mexico mature, by helping artists develop their craft and by connecting them to the global animation community.

Promo Festival Pixelatl 2017

A key goal of the event is to encourage the development of Mexico’s animation industry, while retaining its distinct flavor, and not blindly following market trends set by other more experienced animation-producing countries.

This year, international guests and delegations from various countries, including Canada, United States, Spain, Chile, and Poland are expected to attend (including artists and executives from channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, Netflix, ILM, Rare, Square Enix).

Festival activities include keynotes, masterclasses, feature films and short film competitions.
For more information, visit ElFestival.mx.