Polaroid SNAP Digital Instant Camera: Suited for Parties, Posting & DIY Photo Booths

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Polaroid SNAP Digital Instant Camera: Product information, ratings, reviews & prices.

People still love instant cameras (despite availability of more advanced digital cameras). These are a big hit in parties, and kids love it too.

There are several instant cameras out there, but most do not retain a digital copy of the prints (since users inevitably give them away.)

However, the great thing about the Polaroid Snap camera is that it produces an instant print and also saves a digital copy.

So set up a photo booth with goofy hats and glasses and start snapping right away.

‘Polaroid’ is synonymous with instant photography, but they kind of lost touch for a while. But, they’re now getting back on track by introducing newer products with innovative technologies.


The Snap performs as is expected of an instant camera. These are more like point and shoot cameras, but doesn’t allow control over the exposure, aperture or other features.

When comparing the performance of the Snap to other instant cameras, I found it to be lacking in a few areas, however.

Shutter Lag

The camera has a slight shutter lag, which can make it challenging to photograph kids, especially. You will have to get used to it.

Print Time

It takes a full minute for the print to come out – from the time the shutter is pressed to when the print is fully printed and released from the camera.

Well, if you’re used to having prints come out instantly, then the wait time may seem irritating.

But then, when the print comes out, it’s ready to use (no drying or developing needed).

Print Quality

You cannot expect the print quality from instant cameras to be super high, so if you’re hoping for very good quality, the colors may seem a bit dull.

But then, the Snap can print photos with a simple push of a button using Zink Zero Ink Printing technology. The Zink photo paper is made of composite material embedded with cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals and has protective polymer overcoats.


You cannot control the flash on the Snap instant camera. It works like an auto flash, turning on when the lighting is dark and not firing when the lighting is bright. The results are not as hot as on the digital cameras.


Although the Polaroid Snap may come across as a camera that lacks slightly in performance, it makes up for in super cool features.

Watch: The Polaroid Snap Instant Print Camera

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Check out the features below.


You can start using the Snap, even without reading the users manual. Based on the icons on the camera itself, you can figure out how to use it.

It comes with a USB charging cable, which you need to use to charge up the battery before using the camera.
The camera takes a micro SD card (up to 32GB) for storing the digital files.


The Snap camera stores a digital copy of the images taken, which makes it stand out from other instant print cameras. It was easy to load the images onto your computer via the included USB cable.

You can share your pictures online and also make small prints.


  • There are three color filter modes on the Snap. Color, sepia, or black & white. You select it using the tints button.
  • You can also add a border by simply pushing the border button.
  • There’s a photo booth effect, which allows you to take 4 prints and then it prints them all on the same sheet. You just hold the shutter button down for 3 seconds and then hold the camera still while it takes 4 shots. Or, place it on a tripod.


The Snap has a timer button so you can take selfies or take group photos. Just select the timer button and then push the shutter. It will count the beeps so that you know when to smile.


The 2×3″ ZINK (‘zero-ink’) paper used with this camera is cool. It generates a borderless print, and the paper has an adhesive backing, like a sticker, so it can easily be stuck onto a scrapbook page, album or craft project.

When the print pops out it’s ready to use (no drying or develop time needed).

The camera holds 10 sheets of paper, but it doesn’t tell you how many sheets of paper are left in the camera; you’ll just have to keep track.


The Snap has a trendy look, is available in a variety of colors, is pocket-sized, and has a wrist strap for safety. You get a magnetic lens cap.

You can also choose from a range of cool cases available for the SNAP camera.


Although the Snap looks sleek, its a bit slippery and slightly difficult to grip, so you will need to use the wrist-strap.


The battery in the Snap is not removable. You charge the whole camera via the USB charging cable. So you don’t have to buy new batteries all the time (saves cost).

There’s a power saving ‘auto off’ feature to save battery life.


When you push the power button on the top of the Snap it pops up and becomes the viewfinder. So just be careful when packing the camera in your bag.


The Snap looks well-built, the buttons and the pop-up viewfinder look sturdy and easy to push. The overall quality is as expected for a low-priced instant print camera.


The Snap is a great value for an instant print camera. Keep in mind, you do have to buy the paper (about $0.50 each print). You also need a micro SD card if you want to store the digital images. For the novelty of the instant print (plus digital feature), the camera seems to be fairly priced.

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Overall, I highly recommend the Polaroid Snap if you’re looking for a novelty instant print camera with the ability to store digital images. It’s fun, and perfect for parties, photo booths, scrapbooking and craft projects. It looks cool and compact enough to nicely fit in a pocket or purse.