Recreational Drones (Quadcopters)

Recreational drones (also known as Quadcopters and at times as ‘Quadricopters’) are a great way to have fun together with your family, especially with kids. Compared to the pro models, these are more reasonably priced.

Contrary to what many feel, these are not very difficult to use, and not meant only for hobbyists or geeks, these can be enjoyed by your family and well suited for anyone and of any age.

These drones are easy to control (you can control these even with your smart phone); that’s the reason why these are so attractive to the average (non-skilled or non-techie) ‘pilots’.

And almost all of these recreational drones can accommodate a camera, thus giving you some great overhead photos and videos that you can share online (some models even allow live streaming to the web.)

Drone remote control

Another advantage of using recreational quadcopters is that they are compact and can hover easily even inside a room.

The latest quadcopter models incorporate cameras (that can even auto track a person or a scene), GPS receivers, stabilizers, night flight vision, and more.

Checkout our wide range of recreational drones that will satisfy any requirement that you might have. From pocket to professional drones, all are available at the best prices that you can find online.

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