Shotbox Photo Studio: Portable, Affordable Tabletop Photo Studio

The ShotBox is a tabletop, collapsible, portable, lightweight photo light studio, perfect for shooting objects, photos and documents.

Why Use Shotbox?

It allows you to take great photographs, as it provides a well-lit mini-environment, necessary to take great pictures. The ShotBox uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit “micro-studio” environment to get great images!

You can click photos with your smart phone, DSLR or any other camera.

Shotbox Tabletop Photo Studio

Who Is It For?

The ShotBox is perfect for Bloggers, DIY & Hobbiest, Online Store Owners and Ancestry Fans. In fact, anyone could benefit from having the ShotBox in their house (if you want to take good pictures).

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The SHOTBOX Photo Light Studio is easily the most versatile gear that you can use to digitize your photos and memorabilia.

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