Check the inside (space gear) of this International Space Station in 4K Glory

Check the inside (space gear) of this International Space Station.

There are lots of videos showing how beautiful earth looks from space, and while there’s no doubt that anything related to Space looks cool, you should not miss out on this video that shows all those cool Space gear.

Watch: Tour of International Space Station. See how astronauts live in space, through the International Space Station.

Here’s another video. Watching this video is like taking a long, leisurely tour through the international space station. And its been shot in 4k so you can really see all those wires, meters, monitors and control stations in detail.

Bookended by vertigo-inducing shots of Earth as seen through the ISS windows, this video has to rank among the highest quality productions that NASA has shared.

The footage was filmed in Ultra High Definition (4K) using a fisheye lens (for extreme focus and depth of field).

Watch: Space Station Fisheye Fly-Through 4K (Ultra HD)

The file is heavy; at its highest resolution, the video struggles to play smoothly on my computer.