Best Speaker Mounts & Brackets for Wall & Ceiling

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Guide to Speaker Mounts and brackets. Ensure safety and aesthetics with these accessories, and get the best possible sound from your speakers.

Here is a guide to Speaker mounts and brackets. This is an important accessory that you will need if you intend to buy audio video equipment with speakers. It is intended not just for holding the speakers and to add aesthetics to the overall setup, but also to help direct sound in such a manner that the overall hearing experience is enhanced considerably.

Bose Wall/Ceiling Bracket

High-quality cast zinc bracket, designed to provide unobtrusive wall mounting for Bose cube speakers. These brackets allow both horizontal and vertical adjustment of speakers, so you can direct the sound where you like. The mount is great with a neat pivot mechanism. You get an option of mounting them on the wall or ceiling with or without extender arms.

Bose WB-135 Wall Mount Kit

The Bose WB-135 Wall Mount Kit includes an easy-to-install bracket that keeps your soundbar speaker system attached on your wall reliably. Its designed to be used with only Bose speakers such as the Cinemate 1SR, Lifestyle 135, and not really with other brand of speakers. Read more.

VideoSecu 4 Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts / Brackets

VideoSecu Universal speaker mounts are incredibly easy to install, and fits most brands of speakers; It includes 1-, 2-hole adaptors; It provides simple tilt, pivot and rotation adjustments as well as a unique combination of simplicity and security.

These universal speaker mounts are designed for mounting most mini, satellite and bookshelf style speakers weighing less than 10 pounds. The speaker can be positioned anywhere in a room, on Walls or Ceilings, to achieve optimal sound quality. These mounts are ideal for office or home theater surround sound applications.

Sanus Dual Column Wall-Mounted Furniture with 3 Shelves

This is a Dual-column wall-mounted furniture. It comes with 3 tempered glass adjustable shelves. The Interchangable black glass shelves & mocha finished wood back panels can be installed after wiring is complete. You also can do Post-installation height adjustments.

Just as you get wall brackets for mounting televisions on the wall, you also get a range of mounts and brackets for installing the speakers, in case you are planning to get a home theater system.

A home theater systme can come with several speakers, including surround sound speakers, so you need to place them optimally to get the best hearing experience.

And that is why you have a range of surround sound speaker stands and speaker mounts & brackets to place these speakers at strategic locations.

In case you are planning to get a home theater system and a television, and intend to place it in your small spare room, you need to first look for a suitable television.

Get a television that doesn’t overshadow everything else in the room. High Definition and wide screen TVs are available in several sizes now, so you can easily find one that fits nicely into your room.

Here’s a nice video that shows how to setup the various components of a home theater system:

Speaker Mounts Guide

Preserves the Aesthetics & Makes it Easy to Install Speakers

The biggest advantage these brackets have is that it makes it much easier for you to install you speakers at strategic location, be it on the wall or be it on the ceiling.

If you try any other method to install speakers, you may end up damaging the wall because of the nails and drilling and what not, which in turn means addition repair expenses. It’s also quite possible that the speakers may not be adequately supported.

You don’t want your house to look bad just for the sake of installing speakers. There is definitely a better way of doing this and that is using speaker mounts / brackets. All the wires also remain hidden, nicely concealed so that nobody notices it.

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Helps to Get the Best Sound

If you own an expensive home theatre system or any audio video equipment, you definitely need these ones to help you get the best out of your speakers. This is because you can focus the sound to obtain the maximum results, by directing the speakers as desired.

Besides, the mounts are made in such a way that the speakers fit in it perfectly, which means there is no vibration and you get the best possible sound. The additional benefit is that you could be rest assured that the speakers will not fall down from the wall or from the ceiling.

Speaker Wall Mount to Get the Best Out of Your Speakers

Speaker wall mounts are one of the best music accessories to have, because it lets you position your speakers in a way that gives you the best hearing experience. Without using these, it will be a pain to fit the speakers because you then run the risk of ruining the walls, and make everything messy. It gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing the location.

Speaker Mounts

A Speaker Wall Mount that can be mounted in a variety ways makes life much easier and you can definitely be at peace of mind while installing any home theater system, TV or projector. The best part about these mounts are that all the necessary hardware, including screws and bolts are already included in the package.

Ceiling Speaker Mounts to Place Speakers at Strategic Locations

Ceiling speaker mounts and brackets help you to position your speakers at difficult locations on the ceiling. The end result is aesthetic looking speakers that deliver the best sound. Ceiling mounts are must have accessories that make your life easier when you intend to install electronic items on the ceiling.

Though mounts are available for speakers, projectors, televisions, cameras, not all of them are multi-purpose. You can’t use ceiling speaker mounts for attaching projectors or television, but it may hold you small security video camera.

Ceiling Speaker Mounts

When it comes to speaker ceiling mounts, most mounts and brackets and mounts for speakers can be used on walls and ceilings. If it is for your ceiling then the brackets will include a T-bar drop ceiling clip.

Top quality brackets are quite sturdy with a safety margin built in for obvious reasons. These are quite versatile and give you everything you need for various types of installations. They will provide you a wide array of bolts, and extension arms to help you easily mount the speakers from your ceiling.

Buying Speaker Mounts / Brackets for Wall / Ceiling

There are several brands out there, each having their own advantages. You will need to be sure of things like where you want the speakers to go, either wall or the ceiling. You need to be sure of the specs as the weight of the speaker may be dependent on that. Every bracket is designed for holding a certain type, weight and specification of speakers, so bear that in mind.

Speaker Mounts Guide

The better ones are designed to fit the popular brands of home theater satellite speakers. And what are the items that are included along with the speaker mounts? Most mounts / brackets will give you mounting brackets, ceiling extensions, allen wrench, instruction sheets. You may also find adapters and hardware necessary to connect your speakers to the brackets and the brackets to the wall or ceiling.

So if you are planning to get a home theater system or a stereo music system, you can choose from 2, 4 or 6 speaker wall mounts. All the instructions are well laid out, and you can even check videos here for a complete guide on speaker mounts.

How to Choose Speaker Wall Mounts
When you go shopping for any my new home theater system or TV, you will spend a ton of money out of your pocket to get the best configuration and something that uses the best technology. So on top of that if you have to spend another substantial amount on a Speaker Wall Bracket, it makes sense to spend some time doing some research and you will definitely find something that is cost effective and at the same time very useful.

And at times you may have to make a balance between the price you may for the Speaker Mounting Brackets and the quality. So some of the satellite Speaker Wall Mount may not be of the highest quality out there, but they are definitely worth the price.

  • Most of these brackets can be mounted in a variety ways, including through standard 1/4″ or 6/32″ speaker mount holes, or using a speaker’s keyhole mount.
  • The load that can be taken by a Speaker Wall Mount is also specified; so some may be able to withstand a maximum weight of 10 lbs per speaker. <
  • In terms of colors although most of these are advertised as “black” in color but they’re really not pure black; some of them are sort of grayish-black. Not a great deal as it should gel with most pure black speakers.

How to Choose Ceiling Speaker Mounts
Specification wise most of these brackets are similar, but to save some money you may opt in for brands other than the brand of your speakers. For instance, if you have Bose speakers and want ceiling mounts for the corner speakers, you have the option of choosing the mounts directly from Bose or choose other brands ceiling mounts.

There are several brands that make ceiling speaker mounts that re well designed, and will fit Bose speakers as well. These are less expensive than the Bose brackets so may choose them if you wish.

It’s very important to follow the instructions on how to install and put the mounts in the right manner, else it could be unstable. If you are unsure which way is the top or the bottom, look at the logo. If installed correctly, these will defy gravity and will remain there on the ceiling forever.

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To Conclude

Speaker mounts have several advantages, for instance the design is quite aesthetic and the installation is neat; there’s no vibrating sounds from the speakers. These accessories let you position your speakers at difficult angles and locations to help you get the best hearing experience. With home theatres, LCDs, projectors and other lifestyle products becoming popular, ceiling speaker mounts are here to stay.

Most users find it really helpful and are satisfied with the functionality of Speaker Wall Mounts. These are easy to use; looks good, and complement the looks of the speakers. Besides, the wires are also more or less concealed. It may seem a lot of work when you do it but the end result looks good, much better than maybe building a shelf for speakers. So if you want your speakers to be up on the wall, it is recommended that you get Speaker Wall Mounts. When you order these brackets you can expect to get a variety of short and long wall anchors and screws, hex nuts of various sizes, so that you can mount speakers in various ways and at different locations easily.

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