Best Speaker Stands: Buying Guide

audio Speaker Stands Guide to Speaker Stands: An important accessory to position your home theater speakers at the right height, and also maintain the elegance of your room.

We all know how the interiors of any room can be made to look as elegant as possible. The accessories available for most consumer electronic items have also kept pace with the changing times. Speaker stands not only serve the purpose of supporting your speakers, they also are available in various styles & finishes to match the interiors of your room.

Decoupling the Speakers

A lot has already been spoken about the advantages of speaker stands such as, their ability to project the sound better, to make the entire think look good, convenience of handling and so on.

But they also do another very important thing – Decoupling.

Best Speaker Stands

When you invest in a good entertainment system, you definitely want the best output from them.

And if you are particularly going to use it at home, many don’t like the vibrations from the speakers hitting the floor, when played at louder volumes.

This is where the best speaker stands are really effective as they decouple the speaker from the floor.

It means vibrations from the floor are not going to reach the speakers and interfere with the sound, and any vibration from the speakers (when played at loud volumes) is not going to make it to the floor.

It also ensures that the speakers don’t glide when played, as it may not give you the best output. That is the reason these floor stands come with a firm grip on the floor, as well as on the surface on which the speakers are placed.

Types of Speaker Stands

There are several kinds of audio speaker stands but broadly then can be categorized in three different buckets namely fixed heights, adjustable heights, and center channel stands. The best speaker stands are designed to be lightweight, durable, attractive, and effectively decouple the speakers from the floor.

Here’s a video that shows the various types of Speaker Stands:

Most home theater setups nowadays use these stands to place the smaller bookshelf speakers, to project the sound better, and also to provide an uncluttered look in the room.

Depending on how and where the speakers are going to be placed, you may choose between a fixed height stand or an adjustable height speaker stand.

Material Used for the Base
Broadly speaking the base of the stands is available in three different materials – metal, glass and wood with the first two being more common. These are the most common materials used for most household and electronic accessories.

How to Place the Speakers on the Stand?

There’s not much to do nowadays, and usually its just a case of putting the speakers on top of the stand. Some stands have holes so you can screw them into the speaker.

Most users don’t like the idea of drilling a hole into their speakers, so usually such stands are not preferred by most users. Some speakers have stands made especially for them, in which case the speakers may already have holes of the required configuration.

In case you get a speaker stand that has hollow tubes, fill them with lead shot and/or sand which increases the overall stability and gives a better sound.

How to Choose One: Shopping for the Right One

This depends on where you are going to place the speakers. Ideally, for most hearing purposes the speakers need to be at ear level, which is around 24 to 36 inches (or even higher for some people) when you are in a seated position.

Take some time to look around if you want to buy one, as you can get some bargain prices especially when shopping online. If you are okay to own one of those metal stands, as opposed to say a wooden / glass stand, then you could land up with a really good bargain.

So you will need to choose one based on your environment. If you have multiple speakers, say for instance surround sound speakers, then you can get a much better output as well as flexibility by going in for adjustable-height speaker stands.

In some cases, you might want the stand to be taller (around 40″ or more) especially if you are going to use it for your surround speakers and not for the fronts; placing the speakers a little bit higher may sound better in that case.

Center channel speakers
This is a different kind of beast altogether and you have many more options here. Besides stands, you may choose to place them on mounts/brackets either on the wall or the ceiling for best hearing experience.

DIY Speaker Stands: Making your Own Stands

Even that is possible, in case you like doing DIY projects. You can read more here on how to make your own stands. Here’s a nice video that shows you how to make your own speaker stands, in case you fancy doing that.

DIY Speaker Stands

There are many who try building their own studio monitor stands, and some of them are able to do it as well, saving them some money as well in the process.

There are many who feel that buying a pair of stands is an expensive affair. Well, compared to doing it yourself, it definitely is but then you may not get that quality finish, and evenness.

You may opt for getting the wood cut at some store so that you don’t do any mistake with your cuts, but then it will add to the expense. Also try attaching some sort of rubber attachment to the feet to make it non-slippery.

Don’t forget to get some foam as well to keep it between the speaker and the stand. As far as color is concerned, you may choose black or any other lighter color to match your stereo surround sound speakers.

Here’s another nice video which shows how you can be innovative when building your own audio speaker stands:

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several benefits of using stands. When speakers are on stands, you get great flexibility in terms of moving them. You can move them further away from the wall, nearer to the wall, or center them around your ideal listening position. The best speaker stands also decouple the speakers from the floor, to provide you with the best listening experience.

Checkout this video to understand more about audio speaker stands:

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