This 370-Inch TV Costs $1.6 Million — and Someone Actually Bought It



TV manufacturers constantly compete to have the biggest consumer TV on the market, showing their plus-size wares at CES. But when it comes to custom one-off models, the sky’s the limit. Case in point: the Titan Zeus.

The aptly named Zeus is a TV so large, one struggles to find the right adjective to describe it. Colossal? Gargantuan? Unearthly? At 370 inches diagonal — or more than three times the size of most “gigantic” TVs — the set is truly in a size class of its own.

So far the UK-based Titan Screens has sold only one of these kaiju TVs to a buyer who wants to remain anonymous, according to Engadget. Little wonder: The behemoth costs about $1.6 million, and that doesn’t include the arena-size living room for which you’d need to house the 26 x 16-foot panel. Read more…

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