Toy & Starter Drones

Toy & Starter Drones for beginners reviewed here. The choices listed here are the best options if you are looking to get started with drones and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching on the internet for advice.

Do you need any license to fly these?
The Federal Aviation Administration is still struggling to work out the rules for operating UAVs commercially, but for private use, the agency’s regulations are quite lenient. So, no license is required, and as long as you keep your drone below 400 feet and don’t do anything dangerous over densely populated areas, you should be okay to fly around as you please.

Are these easy to use?
These drones are among the easiest to operate. They work straight out of the box, some models even include a digital camera.

These may look compact but are are powerful little machines, and can perform maneuvers like flipping on command.

Here are some of the best Toy & Starter Drones.

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