TV wall mounts / brackets guide: Top reasons to Mount a TV

Innovative TV Wall Mount Bracket Over the last few years, audio visual equipments have undergone a sea change, and the same applies to televisions as well. Form the bulky designs of yesteryears, these now come in slim and sleek designs with a flat screen. And you also have wonderful options to mount them as well!

Here are some excellent wall mounts for your television:

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Top Reasons to Mount a TV

Televisions nowadays come in various sizes, and there are many who feel that when it comes to televisions, bigger is always better. The truth may be different, considering that the distance from the television to the viewers also matter. Besides, you may choose to buy larger versions of older technology for the same price you’d pay for smaller LCD / LED televisions.

Several options exists to hold these television sets. And usually, the various options can be classified in a couple of categories – TV Stands, & TV Wall / Ceiling Mounts

  1. Increased View-ability and Performance
  2. Space Conservation, Increased Space and Style
  3. Child Safety Security

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Using TV Mounting Brackets

Space is a premium in most homes, and using wall mounting brackets for setting up your television ensures that minimum space is wasted in your room.

Intended to be used with flat panel televisions, these support tvs of various sizes and weights, can swivel and tilt, and above all they retain the elegance of flat panel tvs.

tv wall mount bracket

TV Wall Units can offer lots of space to keep several things in addition to your entertainment systems, and can look modern and sleek as well. Most of us are content having basic furniture in the living room, but as the family size grows, you will need to look at options that will let you keep a lot of things together.

Even for those truly gadget freaks and movie / games freak, the smaller tv stands may not help to keep your things organized. This is where a TV Wall Unit helps. Here are some more features.

  • Available as modern pieces that can be an attention grabber in your living room
  • These sleek units offer several functional spots for your components, accessories, photo frames, etc.
  • Complements the looks of your living room

  • tv wall units

    Video: Mounting a TV to a wall bracket:

    Which Wall Mount to Use?
    Most televisions seem to be flat against the wall, but usually you have the mount behind it, with about half to one inch of space provided for running the wires through.

    Using TV Stands

    This was the traditional option, and is still a popular option, especially for smaller sized televisions. However, there are several options with some really elegant ones as well. And it’s not that you get stands only for the CRT TVs, you also get stands for flat panel televisions. Multi-tier stands let you keep your other audio video equipment together at one place. Read more on tv stands here.

    Innovative TV Wall Mount Bracket

    Mounts and brackets are becoming more and more advanced. Once fixed, most of these allow you to do adjustments to the angle of the TV without any changes to the brackets.

    We all love to watch the television from different angles and in various poses. Now you can enjoy maximum versatility as the recent mounting solutions can pivot, tilt, swing, all with just one mount.

    Here’s a cool video that demonstrates once such example. Notice how she effortlessly changes the television angles without any knobs or adjustments to the brackets.

    Where to Mount?

    If you’re planning to buy a new flat panel tv, you need to give some thought to where you are going to install it. In fact the entire process is usually broken into three parts – planning the installation, actually hanging the tv, and routing the wires to your television.

    Wall Mounts for TV

    To begin with, how do you decide where you want to put your television? Though it can seem a bit straight forward, here’s where most choose to put up the TV.

  • The place where your old set stood
  • Usually across the sofa
  • Against an interior wall which makes it easy to mount
  • Not against a window which throws direct sunlight on the screen (please note most televisions nowadays come with anti-reflective screen so direct light is less of a problem)
  • Once you have taken these into factor, all you have to decide is where on the wall you should mount it.

    There are some flexible options available to you, depending on where you want to place your television. For example, most LCD/LED televisions can be mounted directly on the wall, without needing any support beneath.

    On the other hand, tv stands with mount usually have shelves beneath and gives you more storage options.

    In fact, most recent mounting options provide you with maximum flexibility. Checkout this innovative tv-wall mount bracket; that’s the way these equipment are headed!

    What is a Good Height

    The height at which the television should be is more of a personal choice, though for many, the seated-eye level is the most preferable position for mounting a TV as it reduces the neck-strain.

    If the television is mounted too high it can be uncomfortable if you see it for a longer period. But then, if you have kids in the house, it could turn out to be a preferable location.

    More Factors to Consider

    Here are some more factors that you need to consider (in general) when considering wall-mounts.


    • What TV size it Supports
    • What is the Max Tilt angle it allows
    • How much Does it Weigh?
    • Does it have Steel Construction

    Ease of Installation

    • What Mounting Hardware are Provided
    • Does it Have Snapping Wall Brackets
    • Built-in Bubble Level
    • Does it come with a Stud finder (most don’t)

    More Features

    • Does it come with Horizontal Adjustment Bar
    • Good Rail Design?
    • Good Cord Management system?
    • Does the company offer Good Help & Support?

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    Should you be mounting a TV on your own, or should you take help?

    Unless you have a very small tv, almost all the time mounting your television is going to be a two person job. So in case you are planning to do this activity, ask a close friend or someone in your family for help.

    But then, is it advisable for you to do this task on your own?

    Mounting a TV

    Know Your Skills
    Mounting a television is an activity that can take time, and requires you to be very careful and systematic with the entire process.

    When you decide to mount your television on the wall, you usually have to go through the following three steps – planning the installation, installing the tv, and connecting the wires to your television.

    If you are comfortable doing household tasks like mounting, shelving, and so on, and feel comfortable using tools and hardware such as drill, screws, stud finder, etc. then you will definitely enjoy doing such projects. Otherwise, you may have to ask someone else, who is comfortable doing this, to do the mounting.

    Once you have done your basic preparation, the installation of a television on the wall can be broken down further in to the following steps.

    Handling the Wires
    You need to decide how you’re going to route the wires. You need to route the wire from your components to the tv.

    You need to have all the measurements in place for your tv.
    You need to attach the mount to the back of your television, and the wall-portion to the wall.
    Finally, you need to hang your tv on the wall.

    You have a couple of options to wire your television, once it is up there on the wall.

    The easiest way, of course is to let them run on the exterior of the wall, and cover them with wire tacks. The other option is to use concealed wiring, which runs in the inside of the wall. This is of course a much neater option but will require you to take professional help.

    As mentioned above, this task is best performed by two people and if you are comfortable handling all the tools and hardware, you can definitely go ahead with mounting the TV.

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