Best Universal Speaker Floor Stands

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Here are some universal speaker floor stands, which can be used with a wide array of speakers and help you to project the sound much better, greatly enhancing the overall listening experience.

Universal Speaker Floor Stands

Floor Standing Speaker Stands: Do You Really Need One?

Using bookshelf speakers on a stand as opposed to a bookshelf will almost always give you a much better sound. This is because speaker stands are good at projecting the sound at the ear-level, which is the ideal location for the sound waves to travel without any obstruction.

A speaker stand is just what you need to complete your home entertainment system, while retaining the aesthetics of the whole thing.

With these stands you can easily convert your bookshelf speakers into floor-standing speakers.

Other features include:

  • Ability to adjust the height; you can direct the sound better for optimum sound
  • Choice of stylish ones made of metal, wood or even glass
  • Glossy finish matches most decor schemes
  • Hidden wire design to conceal all the cables / cords
  • Recommended Universal Speaker Floor Stands

    Bose UFS-20 Series II Universal Floor Stands
    These slender metal stands elegantly display your speakers while hiding the speaker wires. The Bose UFS-20 universal floor stands are designed to optimize listening.

    Any Disadvantages?

    There are no real disadvantages of using a stand, unless of course you choose to go in for floor standing speakers, the taller speakers which do not require a stand.

    But for your bookshelf speakers, going in for a universal floor stand can be good investment. These also make it much more convenient to move the speakers around.

    Besides, you get stands made of various materials such as wood, glass, etc. that come in attractive looks and can really enhance / complement the other things in your room.

    Important Note

    A point to remember when you are choosing one – there are many stands, which in their attempt to look stylish can make the speakers point a bit downwards. You definitely want the speakers to face straight out to where the listeners are seated and not direct the sound towards the floor or any other direction, unless it has a swivel mechanism which gives you more control on where to direct the sound. So read the reviews carefully, or observe closely for any such deviation.

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